Virgin Galactic breaks sound barrier, set to reach full space flight by end of 2013

Virgin Galactic took a big step in its quest for space travel today with a successful test flight of the commercial spaceliner SpaceShipTwo, which broke the sound barrier Monday morning above the Mojave Desert in California. After being released from its carrier craft at 48,000 feet, the rocket-powered SpaceShipTwo began a 16-second burn and rose to… Read More

SpaceShipTwo in its first "feathered" flight in May. (Virgin Galactic photo)

Branson, Allen, Bezos gear up for the private space race

At the very end of his recent autobiography, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen briefly teases ahead to a future project — saying that he’s “just now considering a new initiative wit that magical contraption I never wearied of sketching as a boy: the rocket ship.” He adds, “Someone, after all, is going to have to get… Read More