Meet the new Microsoft: New reporting segments debut with quarterly earnings today

Microsoft’s largest division isn’t Windows or Office anymore. It’s “Commercial Licensing” — with more than $39 billion in revenue last fiscal year, representing more than half of the company’s overall business. That’s one example of the mental adjustment that investors, analysts and Microsoft watchers will need to make as the company debuts its new financial… Read More


Apple vs. Microsoft, Google and Amazon: Why the future of ‘computing’ is a free-for-all

Talking about Apple’s new Mac lineup yesterday, CEO Tim Cook had this to say about the unnamed “competition.” “They’re confused,” Cook said, showing the slide above to represent Apple’s view of the competition’s direction. “They chased after netbooks. Now they’re trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Who knows what they will… Read More


How to ditch Microsoft and join a great startup

Guest Commentary: The last few months have not been great for Microsoft. First, the Surface turned out to be a flop. Then, Ballmer resigned without a successor in sight and admitted he missed the boat with smartphones. And two weeks ago, he held a company meeting where he bawled that Microsoft was still the best… Read More


Ballmer’s final Microsoft shareholder letter: The real money is in the enterprise

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been known to drop significant hints about the company’s future in his annual letter to shareholders, such as last year when he declared Microsoft officially a “devices and services” company — signaling the evolution beyond software that has culminated, most notably, with the plan to acquire Nokia’s smartphone business. His… Read More

Ballmer Matrix

The spirit of Steve Ballmer is irreplaceable at Microsoft

Guest Commentary: My first experience with Steve Ballmer was the day Visio was acquired by Microsoft. All of us Visio employees were in a conference room in Redmond to be welcomed to the company. SteveB was quietly sitting on the floor, reviewing his notes. When he was introduced, he stood up and exploded with excitement,… Read More


Thousands of Microsoft employees gather for Steve Ballmer’s final company meeting

It’s one last hurrah for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today in downtown Seattle. About 13,000 Microsoft employees are flocking to Key Arena this morning for the annual company meeting. This year’s big internal get-together is particularly notable because it is the final company-wide meeting for Ballmer, who set to depart within the year after announcing last… Read More


Microsoft Office on the iPad? It’s complicated, apparently

One of the recurring questions at Microsoft’s Financial Analyst Meeting today was the company’s software development plans for non-Windows devices, most notably Microsoft Office on the iPad. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer addressed the topic during his remarks, and some people who covered the event took his comments as a strong hint that Microsoft is making… Read More


Dividend increase is the latest sign of change at Microsoft

Microsoft is boosting its quarterly dividend to 28 cents a share, a 5 cent increase — slightly more than Wall Street analysts had been expecting. The company also says its board has authorized another $40 billion in share repurchases, replacing a previous repurchase program that was set to expire. “These actions reflect a continued commitment… Read More


Microsoft’s Xbox team isn’t changing direction with company reorg — for now

Microsoft is going through some serious changes. The company is getting into the smartphone business by acquiring Nokia, CEO Steve Ballmer is leaving, and on top of that, Microsoft is completely changing its management and organizational structure. But for now, though, the Xbox team is staying true to its roots as it prepares to launch its newest console… Read More

Rob Bishop, Raspberry Pi

GeekWire Radio: Ballmer stepping down, Plants vs. Zombies 2, the ‘Jobs’ movie and a slice of Raspberry Pi

We’ve got an epic GeekWire podcast for you this week, with an extended version of our weekly news segment, featuring our thoughts on Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s announcement that he’ll be retiring from the company within the next 12 months. Our guest in the studio is the Raspberry Pi Foundation‘s Rob Bishop (no relation), who… Read More

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. (Microsoft photo)

Reaction: Here’s what people are saying about Steve Ballmer’s stunning decision to step down from Microsoft

Steve Ballmer’s retirement news today certainly grabbed the attention of the tech industry. (The top 13 stories on TechMeme are devoted to the announcement). I guess that’s what happens when a 33-year veteran of a company — a once dominant titan that still commands a market value of $289 billion — decides to hang up… Read More