GeekWire Radio: Kindle Fire, 520 apps, and 96-year-old tech enthusiast Bill Sleeper

The GeekWire radio show and podcast returns from its brief holiday hiatus this weekend with a special in-studio guest, Bill Sleeper, the 96-year-old retired engineer from the Seattle region who helps his fellow seniors empower themselves with technology by introducing them to the world of the iPhone and mobile apps. Topics discussed during the weekly… Read More


Talk back to Ernie or Elmo? Microsoft partners with Sesame Street on interactive TV

Microsoft today unveiled a new initiative, dubbed playful learning, that will use the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor to increase the ways kids interact with some of their favorite educational television programs. Those programs include Sesame Street and National Geographic. The goal is to get kids off the couch, interacting with the shows in new ways. For… Read More