Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen victim of identity theft

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has become the subject of identity theft, with a an AWOL U.S. soldier in Pittsburgh charged with changing the address on a Seattle bank account owned by Allen and attempting to redirect funds to a personal account. Brandon Lee Price allegedly changed the address on a Citibank account owned by Allen… Read More


Video: A glimpse inside Microsoft’s high-tech Global Security Operations Center

On the Microsoft campus this week, hundreds of law enforcement and public safety officials are gathering for the company’s Worldwide Public Safety Symposium. The event includes a chance to check out Microsoft’s Global Security Operations Center, one of three facilities around the world that coordinate the safety and security of the company’s facilities, and more… Read More

George Kurtz

Stealth startup CrowdStrike wants to obliterate security threats, raises $26M

George Kurtz has a deep affinity for Seattle, previously working as a consultant at Microsoft and raising cash for his first startup, Foundstone, from Kirkland’s OVP Venture Partners. So, when the former McAfee chief technology officer was looking for a place to recruit top engineers for his new company, CrowdStrike, he immediately turned to Seattle. The… Read More


Mobilisafe study: 39 percent of mobile devices at small businesses are ‘stale’

Mobilisafe, a stealthy Seattle mobile security startup bankrolled by Madrona Venture Group and Trilogy Equity Partners, still isn’t sharing many details about its new product. But the company – led by former T-Mobile software architects Giri Sreenivas and Dirk Sigurdson – just released some detailed information about the lack of security around mobile devices at small and mid-sized businesses. Mobilisafe… Read More


Facebook, Washington AG file suits over ‘likejacking’ scheme

Facebook and Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna today filed lawsuits against Adscend Media, an ad network that allegedly is engaged in a deceptive practice which has come to be known as “likejacking.” “We don’t ‘like’ schemes that illegally trick Facebook users into giving up personal information or paying for unwanted subscription services through spam,”… Read More


Microsoft says botnet kingpin worked for antivirus vendor

Four months after dismantling the nasty Kelihos botnet, Microsoft says it has tracked down the central figure behind it– naming Russian citizen Andrey N. Sabelnikov as a new defendant in its civil case over the botnet. Microsoft announced the news in a blog post. The company alleges that Sabelnikov wrote the code for the Kelihos malware and… Read More


Finsphere raises more cash to turn your cell phone into a fraud protection and ID device

Can your phone be used to help prevent fraud? That’s the idea behind Finsphere, a Bellevue mobile security startup that matches the location of a consumer’s mobile phone with financial transactions occurring at ATMs, banks or retail stores. If something seems out of whack — for example ATM withdrawals are occurring in San Francisco when your phone… Read More


Weight loss schemers hack ex-Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold’s Modern Cuisine Twitter account

Even former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold is susceptible to hacker attacks. Last night, we noticed that Myhrvold’s popular Modern Cuisine Twitter account, followed by more than 8,100 folks, was promoting a Web site promising a “Miracle Diet” based on Acai berries. The Twitter message, shown above, linked to a site touting the “best… Read More


Hacker infiltrates Zappos network, gets customer info but not full credit cards’s Zappos and its sister shopping site 6pm are informing users this weekend that portions of their internal network and systems have been infiltrated in a cyberattack. Full credit-card and payment data were not accessed, according to messages from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh to employees and customers. Still, customers will be required to reset their… Read More

Photo: Leszek.Leszczynski

Startup Spotlight: Lightning strikes (literally) to create online backup startup Newline

Entrepreneurs often talk about when lightning strikes, that special a-ha moment when inspiration hits. But for former Microsoft engineer Kory Gill lightning struck literally at his Woodinville home during a winter storm in 2007. “We heard it hit, and it was loud,” recalled Gill, noting that it knocked out the sprinkler system, cable modem and… Read More


Microsoft dismantles Kelihos botnet

Microsoft’s ongoing battle against nasty botnets has continued, with the company announcing today that it has dismantled the Kelihos botnet and filed suit against defendants in central Europe related to the activities. “The Kelihos takedown is intended to send a strong message to those behind botnets that it’s unwise for them to simply try to… Read More


Finsphere raises cash to turn your cell phone into a fraud fighter

Finsphere has reeled in another $1.75 million in venture capital financing, money that the Bellevue company will use to market and develop its mobile security products. Led by wireless veteran Michael Buhrmann, Finsphere’s PinPoint service matches the location of a consumer’s mobile phone with financial transactions occurring at ATMs, banks or retail stores. If something… Read More


The ‘dark side’ of Kindle: Spam books line the digital shelves

You can find thousands of top-notch books on the Kindle from best-selling authors such as Kathryn Stockett or Erik Larson. But is facing a growing problem with its popular electronic reading device: spam books. Reuters notes this “dark side” of digital publishing, reporting that thousands of bogus books are now filling the shelves of… Read More


Microsoft warns computer users of ‘phone scammers’

Hackers and cybercriminals are not only trying to access your data through security holes on the Internet. Now, they are taking to the old-fashioned telephone in order to gain access to your data. A study commissioned by the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Group indicates that “phone scamming” is on the rise, with 15 percent of respondents… Read More


Hacker group hits Nintendo, no consumer data stolen

Nintendo of America confirmed today that its computer servers in the U.S. were infiltrated by the hacker group Lulzsec a few weeks ago, but no consumer information was compromised. The acknowledgement comes after Sony faced a massive security breach that took down the company’s PlayStation Network and Qriocity services for three weeks. The attack on Nintendo… Read More