A CPR coach: New $1,795 device measures chest compressions in real time

Redmond-based Physio-Control today rolled out a new technology called TrueCPR which is designed to help first responders and other health professionals more accurately determine whether they are performing CPR chest compressions properly. The unit uses a proprietary technology known as Triaxial Field Induction to monitor the depth of compressions, using magnetic fields to pinpoint the exact… Read More


Bain Capital to buy Physio-Control from Medtronic for $487 million

After 13 years under the umbrella of Medtronic, Redmond-based Physio-Control is getting a new corporate parent. It was announced this morning that the maker of defibrillators will be purchased by private equity firm Bain Capital for $487 million in cash. Physio-Control, which was founded more than 50 years ago and now has more than 650,000… Read More