Want to pay lower cell phone taxes? Move to Oregon

If you want to save money on state and local cell phones taxes, living in Oregon, Nevada or Idaho might be a good idea. The Tax Foundation just put together this map from a study that was conducted earlier this year detailing combined federal-state-local wireless service tax rates for each state. Nebraska had the highest… Read More


Google, Samsung dominate mobile market share from September to November

Samsung and Google, at least from September to November, reigned supreme in the smartphone world. comScore revealed data from the its MobiLens service and found Samsung as the top handset manufacturer and Google Android as the top smartphone platform during the three month average period ending Nov. 2012. Microsoft, meanwhile, continues to lag behind. According to… Read More


A Boeing phone: Aerospace giant making Android device

Boeing is jumping into the smartphone business, developing a new mobile device  – but we probably won’t be buying this one at our local wireless store. The company is working on a secure communications device for the U.S. government defense and security market, a spokeswoman for the company confirmed this morning. The news was reported… Read More