Freddie Mercury. Wikipedia photo

One-time popular music service iLike officially bites the dust

“And another one gone, and another one gone. Another one bites the dust.” Freddie Mercury of Queen may have summarized the current market perfectly. As we’ve previously reported, a number of high-profile Internet services have announced in recent weeks that they will be closing their doors following acquisitions by corporate parents. (Namely Picnik, TeachStreet and Summify). Now, we can add another… Read More

Sir MIx-A-Lot (Wikipedia photo)

Was that Sir Mix-A-Lot? Northwest music and voices coming to Sea-Tac Airport

One day in 2008, Port Commissioner John Creighton and Seattle Office of Film and Music Director James Keblas landed in Austin for the Seattle Chamber’s Intercity Study Mission. Noting how that city marks its musical heritage with exhibits throughout the airport, Creighton turned to Keblas and asked, “Why don’t we have something like this in… Read More


CES: Battle of the iPad guitars, with a very timely patent

ION Audio’s Guitar Apprentice generated lots of attention from national press at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. It’s a guitar shell that holds an iPad, helping people learn to play guitar using a special app in combination with a light-up fretboard. Turns out another company had the same idea – and it has the attention of the U.S. Patent Office. Behringer,… Read More


Battle of the Geek Bands: Who should be the final warrior?

One of the most-anticipated activities at next month’s Seattle Interactive Conference will be opening night’s Battle of the Geek Bands, a fast-paced competition in which five bands from the tech industry take to the stage at the Showbox Sodo. Now, here’s the deal: Four of the bands have already been chosen by the SIC committee from… Read More


Mick Jagger’s new music studio: Paul Allen’s megayacht

Where does someone like Mick Jagger go to record a new album when he’s seeking the ultimate in privacy and security? Paul Allen’s yacht, of course! That’s the word from the London Daily Mirror, which reports that the album from the Rolling Stone frontman’s new band, Superheavy, “was recorded under conditions of extreme secrecy in… Read More


Sorry, Nirvana fans: Google smells like Muppet spirit

It’s the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s landmark Nevermind release, and the world is taking a moment to reflect. “The album would go on to usher in rock’s great renaissance, cause a seismic shift in popular culture, bring the underground to the mainstream and make unwilling stars out of three rather scruffy guys from the Pacific… Read More

Zuckerberg at the F8 conference

Facebook Music: Rhapsody chimes in with 30-day trial

Rhapsody made a surprise appearance at Facebook’s f8 conference today, at least in the form of its logo on a slide shown by Mark Zuckerberg as he introduced the social network’s new Facebook Music platform for listening to tunes with friends. Here’s how Rhapsody is involved: The Seattle-based music service will be offering a free… Read More

Feist at Village Studios in LA. The singer's performance will debut on the Starbucks Digital Network.

Starbucks Digital Network gets first look at music from Feist

Starting today, visitors to the Starbucks Digital Network will get a special musical treat along with their shot of espresso. The Seattle coffee retailer has partnered with Yahoo to roll out exclusive online video footage from Feist, with the clips appearing on the Starbucks Digital Network for the next two weeks. In the video, the Grammy… Read More


An intro to ‘Geek A Cappella’

I stumbled across some good, old-fashioned geek fun today at the Seattle Symphony’s Day of Music. They call themselves The Baudboys, and they describe their brand of music as “Geek A Cappella.” I knew I was in for something fun when the members pulled off their formal shirts to display black T-shirts with the word… Read More


Morning Radar: Internet bubbles; Dr. Dre meets HTC; and more

Too much money has flowed into too many Internet companies at astronomical valuations, leading Fortune’s Dan Primack to conclude that we are currently experiencing an “economic bubble” in which valuations for venture-backed companies are “spiraling out of control. A good analysis. And speaking of bubbles, Connie Loizos at PEHub talks to Marty Pichinson — aka… Read More


Spotify arrives: The music service we’ve been waiting for?

Intrigued by all the hype surrounding the U.S. launch of the Spotify music service, I ponied up a $9.99 monthly subscription fee this morning to avoid the wait for the invite-only free version and give the full-blown premium experience a try. So far I’m impressed with the simplicity of the interface, and particularly the way… Read More


Amazon alters prices on Cloud Drive amid digital music war

It is being billed as a digital music war. today announced adjustments to the pricing plans of its Cloud Drive and Cloud Player services, a move which Peter Kafka at All Things D humorously notes is part of a “cloud war” directed at Apple’s yet-to-be-released online music service. So, what exactly did Amazon announce… Read More