Postmates arrives in Seattle to deliver tacos, burgers and anything else in under an hour

Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann hears the comparisons all of the time: Isn’t his new online delivery service just another version of dot-com darling Of course, getting compared to a defunct company — especially one that disintegrated as fabulously as Kozmo — isn’t the most flattering thing. But Lehmann, who is officially launching the Postmates… Read More


Bring back Kozmo; the ‘lost’ Steve Ballmer interview … and other quotes of the week

The best insights, observations, comments, tweets and random zingers we heard this week. “Dear Internet, Could you hurry up a resurrect Kozmo please? There’s more than enough stupidity and laziness to support it. From me alone.” – Rick Turoczy on Twitter. “Love waking up, going to Techmeme, and…” — Alex Wilhelm, editor for The Next Web, on Twitter…. Read More