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Washington Post adds Amazon ‘buy it now’ links to stories by accident

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post last year for $250 million, many questioned his motivations: Would the paper be used as a mouthpiece for his political viewpoints? Or, a testing ground for new media business models? Well, here’s another concern to add to the list: Will Bezos use the paper to drive sales to This weekend… Read More

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Video: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

OK, this whole Ice Bucket Challenge is destined to go down as one of the most successful viral campaigns in history, raising awareness and money for ALS. The latest luminary to brave a frigid dousing is Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who accepted the challenge from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Bezos did the deed at an all-hands Amazon meeting in Seattle… Read More

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Seattle City Council asks Jeff Bezos to treat’s security guards better

The Seattle City Council isn’t happy with how some security workers are being treated. All nine councilmembers penned a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos this week, asking that he address concerns shared by the Seattle Human Rights Commission over the treatment of workers hired by Security Industry Specialists (SIS), an Amazon subcontractor. The… Read More


GeekWire Radio: ‘The Amazon Way’ — former insider explains how the company works

What makes Amazon tick, and where is the company headed? This week on the GeekWire radio show, we go behind-the-scenes of the technology giant with our guest, John Rossman, author of the book, The Amazon Way: 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company. Rossman, who is now a managing director at management consulting firm Alvarez… Read More


Fiction meets fact: Author publishes ‘Drones over Seattle’ as Amazon seeks FAA clearance

Consultant and contract engineer Richard Clark published his new work of fiction, “Drones Over Seattle,” for the Amazon Kindle just last week — telling the story of a computer programmer and former Black Hat hacker named Sean who is hired by a Pioneer Square robotics startup to revamp and stabilize its high-tech flying drone. So imagine Clark’s surprise a… Read More


Amazon promotes a Hachette title that it’s not willing to provide on pre-order

Amazon calls Edan Lepucki’s new book California one of the “best books of July,” but the highly anticipated novel about a post-apocalyptic world has been caught in a real-life battle. Lepucki finds herself in the cross fire between Amazon and her publishing house Hachette, which have been in a contract dispute for months now. As a bargaining tactic, Amazon has been delaying shipments of… Read More

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos casts such an intimidating presence that some prayed for a heart attack rather than face his wrath is not known as the most lovey-dovey company. Founder Jeff Bezos has instituted a hard-charging culture, one that lacks the frills of other tech giants like Google and Microsoft. That culture was showcased in Brad Stone’s book “The Everything Store,” and now it is on display again in a documentary film from CNBC dubbed “Amazon… Read More

Amazon's Prime Air "Delivery Drone."

Update: Amazon says delivery drones not grounded by FAA

Update: Amazon said in a statement that this will not affect their drone project because it applies to hobby aircraft, rather than commercial planes. It is still likely years off from getting commercial approval. See our follow-up story for more. The original story follows … A new document by the Federal Aviation Administration distributed yesterday is… Read More

cafe co-founder to launch a new digital publication without gimmicks, stunts or click bait

Vinit Bharara is known for co-founding, an online retailer catering to tired moms and dads who liked the convenience of diapers, wipes and baby formula being delivered to their home. The New Jersey-based parent company, Quidsi, which has since expanded into other verticals, like pet goods on and toys on, was acquired by Amazon for $550… Read More


Amazon’s Fire phone is a “multi-year, multi-decade” business, Kindle exec says

Amazon’s Fire Phone won’t be a repeat of the Facebook phone, or heaven forbid, the Microsoft Kin. At least, that’s what Amazon Kindle VP Ian Freed implied following the announcement today that the e-commerce giant was going head-to-head with smartphones from Apple, Samsung and many others. “We are completely 100 percent dedicated,” he said, during an interview with GeekWire…. Read More


Amazon Fire Phone starts at $199, ships July 25

Amazon’s Fire Phone will start at a cost of $199 for a 32GB model with a two-year AT&T service agreement, available for pre-order starting today and shipping July 25. People who buy the phone will get 12 months of Amazon Prime for free, and existing Amazon Prime customers who buy Fire Phone will be comped a… Read More


Amazon’s architect paints picture of urban campus, open to public, integrated with community

Will Amazon’s new campus in Seattle’s downtown make it a less secretive company? Probably not, but the company’s architect, Scott Wyatt, the chairman of NBBJ, painted a picture of Amazon’s new urban headquarters today of an open concept that will help employees be more productive and innovative, and ultimately, more part of the community. Wyatt appeared… Read More


Sold out: Amazon’s warehouse tours booked solid until March 2015, with 14,000 sign-ups

Amazon doesn’t like it when it sells out of things, but that’s what happened after 14,000 people signed up to take a tour of its giant fulfillment centers. “This has been way more popular than we could have ever anticipated,” said Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos at the company’s shareholder meeting this morning in Seattle. It was… Read More


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: We’re not secretive, we’re just quiet

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos just wrapped up the company’s 2014 annual meeting at Seattle Center, giving shareholders a broad overview of the state of the company — from e-commerce and Amazon Fresh to drones and Amazon Web Services. He also listened to (and in some cases deflected) questions from representatives of protesters who picketed the meeting over a… Read More

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Six topics Jeff Bezos should address at Amazon’s shareholder meeting

Amazon’s shareholder meeting on Wednesday is one of the rare times we get to hear from Jeff Bezos. The rest of the year, the company’s founder and CEO frequently skips duties, like chatting with analysts on earnings calls; interviewing with the press or pitching new products at special events. So, with that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the topics we would… Read More