Inside the minds of those crazy iPhone 5 campers

What causes people to camp out overnight for the privilege of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a gadget? That’s the question we aimed to answer this morning at the Apple Store in Seattle’s University Village shopping center, talking with people at the front of the line for the iPhone 5. Here are excerpts from our… Read More


iPhone 5 sales don’t disappoint: Two million sold in 24 hours

Analysts have already predicted that the iPhone 5 could become the best selling consumer gadget ever, with financial analysts even saying that it could boost the country’s gross domestic product. Apple, which unveiled the iPhone 5 at a press briefing in San Francisco on September 12th, today said that it sold more than two million… Read More

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iPhone 5 in high demand as preorders sell quickly

Preorders for iPhone 5 began at 12:01 this morning, but just an hour later heavy demand forced Apple to push back the shipping window for the device. First promised with a delivery date of September 21, it’s now showing a ship time of two weeks or longer. Apparently, then, the device is much more highly anticipated… Read More


Apple: Why would anyone want wireless charging?

One of the more interesting features of the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, announced last week, was the ability to wirelessly charge the device without plugging it in — instead placing it on or near a wireless power transmitter. Well, it wasn’t very interesting to Apple. After unveiling the new iPhone 5 yesterday, Apple marketing boss… Read More