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Ben Huh: How to create an Internet meme in 3 easy steps

(Video courtesy of Felice Lam) Ben Huh kicked up his black and white leather dress shoes and bounced onstage mimicing the pop singer PSY, whose “Gangnam Style” now has more than 600 million views and a record-breaking 4.6 million likes. It was a brilliant intro to his presentation on Internet memes at the Seattle Interactive Conference that —… Read More


Ad-supported Internet firms responsible for 5.1M jobs

A new report out from the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that the ad-supported Internet business now account for 5.1 million jobs in the U.S., more than double the amount from four years ago. The study, conducted by researchers at Harvard University, also found that the industry contributed $530 billion to the U.S. economy last year. That… Read More


Where the Hell is Matt? North Korea of all places

It looks like Matt Harding — the Internet celeb best known for his wacky worldwide dancing antics at Where the Hell is Matt — is making a comeback. The 35-year-old Seattleite just posted a preview of his latest dancing escapade in a place more brutal on free expression than those crazies in Footloose. That’s right…. Read More

Rob McKenna, left, and Craig Clark, Facebook lead litigation counsel, announced the case at a news conference in January.

Washington AG settles with alleged Facebook ‘likejacker’

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office today announced a settlement in a case brought earlier this year against a company accused of tricking Facebook users into clicking the “like” button and giving their personal information under false and misleading pretenses. The practice, known as “likejacking,” allegedly lured Facebook users into clicking through and giving personal… Read More


Seattle ranks in top 5 for broadband download speed

Feeling a bit sluggish, Seattle? Perhaps a move to Austin, San Francisco or Boston will perk you up. Pando Networks, which delivers content and downloads for MMO games, has released its annual American Broadband Study. And in it, Seattle ranks fourth for average download speeds among the largest cities in the U.S., with an average… Read More


ParkatmyHouse: Ready to rent out your driveway?

A new online service that allows home owners near airports, sports stadiums and movie theaters to rent out parking spots in their driveways is coming to Seattle. ParkatmyHouse, a matchmaking service for drivers and property owners that’s popular in Europe and recently expanded to New York, Boston and D.C., plans to launch its service in… Read More


Clearwire tops 10M customers, continues to pile up losses

Clearwire Corp. said Wednesday that it was one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the country last year, reporting revenues that jumped 143 percent to $1.25 billion. Wholesale revenue — in which the company resells access to its high-speed wireless network — represented $493 million of the company’s revenue. The Kirkland company, which lost $236… Read More


This Internet thing is gonna be pretty huge after all: Nearly half of the planet’s population to become Web users by 2016

In case you need a friendly reminder, The Boston Consulting Group just came out with projections for how the Internet is transforming the way we conduct commerce, communicate and, basically, live our daily lives. The latest survey indicates that  by 2016, roughly 45 percent of the world’s population, or three billion people, will be using… Read More


Planking, Pepper Spray Cop and other top Internet memes of 2011

Cheezburger is the master of memes, and 2011 created some memorable moments for lovers of Internet culture. From planking to Pepper Spray Cop, Cheezburger has been tracking all of the silliness and offbeat humor. What’s your favorite Internet meme of the year? Cheezburger community members liked My Little Pony, 60s Spider-Man captioning and the Nyan… Read More


Stop Online Piracy Act: An important step, or the worst Internet legislation ever?

Stephen Colbert rarely books two guests to (more or less) seriously debate hot topics, but that’s precisely how “The Colbert Report” tackled a particularly contentious geek topic late last week — the recently proposed Stop Online Piracy Act. Proponents say SOPA will help protect American intellectual property by providing legal tools to combat mostly foreign… Read More


Seattle suburb getting nation’s fastest home Internet

Highlands Fiber Network, the Internet service for the Issaquah Highlands community east of Seattle, says it will be upgrading its network on Dec. 1 to allow for download speeds as high as 1 Gigabit per second — which it believes will be the fastest residential Internet service anywhere in the country. Residents of the neighborhood… Read More


Internet ad revenues soar to nearly $15B in first half of 2011

Advertisers continue to pump dollars into online advertising campaigns, including search, display, classifieds and email. The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported today that ad revenues soared to $14.9 billion during the first half of the year, a record total and up 23 percent over the same period last year. Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the… Read More


Morning Radar: Internet bubbles; Dr. Dre meets HTC; and more

Too much money has flowed into too many Internet companies at astronomical valuations, leading Fortune’s Dan Primack to conclude that we are currently experiencing an “economic bubble” in which valuations for venture-backed companies are “spiraling out of control. A good analysis. And speaking of bubbles, Connie Loizos at PEHub talks to Marty Pichinson — aka… Read More


Starbucks files suit to defend its use of the acronym SDN

Starbucks has found itself in a legal squabble with a South Dakota Internet Service Provider over the use of three letter acronym SDN, which the coffee retailer users to refer to its Starbucks Digital Network. In a preemptive lawsuit filed earlier this month, Starbucks sued Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based Internet service provider South Dakota Network… Read More


WiFi over TV spectrum: Microsoft tests ‘white spaces’ in U.K.

Microsoft and a large group of companies in the U.K. are launching a new trial of wireless Internet transmissions on unused “white spaces” television spectrum in Cambridge, England — seeking to prove, among other things, that the technology can work without conflicting with traditional television broadcasts. The  technology is often called “WiFi on Steroids” because… Read More


Hark brings images to famous movie quotes, continues to build audio clip library

Hark, the Seattle startup formerly known as Entertonement, is expanding its library of audio clips to incorporate images from famous movie clips. The company also is rolling out a new way for users to quickly browse through special collections from one movie, say for example favorite lines from Glengarry Glen Ross. Dubbed Hark Curated Collections,… Read More


Microsoft security report shows abrupt decline in spam

Microsoft this morning released its latest Security Intelligence Report, summarizing the data gleaned by the company about online attacks, viruses and other random unpleasantness across the Internet, targeting products from Microsoft and others. The report, covering the second half of 2010, shows some positive trends for the industry, including a continued decline in vulnerability disclosures,… Read More


Why Seattle needs to create the next Zynga or Facebook

Guest Commentary: Last week, Forbes published its annual Midas List, ranking the top 100 tech investors. While these types of lists make great fodder for instapaper, I’ve found drawing substantive conclusions from them to be tenuous.  Still, sometimes I’m a sucker for the cognitive shortcuts that rankings provide. In perusing this list, I was mostly interested to find only… Read More