Impinj bounces back as RFID heats up, expands in old Seattle grocery store

Over the past 14 years, Impinj has weathered two economic recessions, not to mention a slow-to-develop market for its radio frequency identification products. Under normal circumstances, that combination would have killed most companies. But Impinj, founded in May 2000 by leading scientists Dr. Carver Mead and Dr. Chris Diorio and backed with more than $110 million in… Read More


RFID company Impinj cancels IPO plans, raises $21 million

Impinj has raised an additional $21 million in venture capital financing, money that president and CEO William T. Colleran said will allow it to better serve customers “in the dynamic RFID market.” The Seattle company simultaneously withdrew its IPO filing with the SEC, cutting short plans to go public. Impinj had first filed to go public… Read More

(Flickr photo via Rennett Stowe)

What’s that sound? It might be the IPO pipeline filling up

We’ve finally seen a bit of activity on the IPO front in Seattle, with both Impinj and filing for public offerings late last month. As it turns out, they are not alone. The first quarter ended with 125 companies in the IPO pipeline, a significant uptick compared to the 80 companies registered for the… Read More


Zillow, Impinj and why Seattle needs a new crop of IPOs

It has been a big week in Seattle tech circles as two companies ( and Impinj) filed for initial public offerings, a rare event that I can’t even recall occurring during the dot-com boom years. It is always kind of exciting when a company takes the IPO plunge, moving from that quirky adolescent phase to… Read More


Impinj files for $100 million IPO

For the second time this week, a Seattle technology company has filed to go public. This time it is Impinj, the maker of radio frequency identification technologies. The company said in a filing today with the SEC that it plans to raise up to $100 million through the offering. The filing comes just a few… Read More