Apple says it’s not snooping on iMessages, dismisses ‘theoretical vulnerabilities’

Security research firm QuarksLab recently dropped a bombshell on iOS users with a presentation at the Hack in the Box conference that described how Apple could read your encrypted iMessages. While the method described is complex, what QuarksLab showed in a nutshell is that while messages sent through Apple’s text message replacement service are encrypted… Read More


Ask Andru: Apple iMessage Follow-Up

The first ever Ask Andru column featured a question about Apple’s iMessage, a proprietary method the company uses to allow owners of iOS devices to send text messages, pictures, and videos to each other through Apple’s servers, bypassing the traditional wireless carrier. This allows users to send as many messages as they want without having… Read More


Introducing Ask Andru: Apple’s iMessage, explained

I’m a big fan of GeekWire, so when one of my Twitter followers suggested that I start a regular Q&A column for the site, focusing on consumer electronics and gadgets, I figured “Why not?” I talked with the crew, and the result is Ask Andru. In case you’re curious about what qualifies me to answer… Read More