Yves Behar, CEO of fuse project

Jawbone exec: Startups need designers, not just engineers

SAN FRANCISCO–While startups are often on the lookout for new engineering talent, renowned hardware designer Yves Behar said that they need to place a similar priority on finding good designers. As the founder and CEO of fuseproject, Behar partners with startups, like Maveron-backed home automation startup August, to take their designs to the next level…. Read More


Advice from a former Apple director who coined the term ‘user experience’

Having worked on Apple’s User Interface Technologies and introducing the term “user experience” to company execs in the early 90s, Mitch Stein knows a thing or two about how humans interact with computers. “The term ‘user experience’ is more than just aesthetics to me,” Stein said. “We have relationships with our technology. User experience is not… Read More


Comedy: When developers and designers try to communicate

Do you see yourself in this video? The recent HIVE 2011 design conference in Redmond opened with an exclusive skit by Charles, a Seattle-based sketch comedy duo, spotlighting the classic communication barrier between technology developers and designers. The video was just recently posted online. The conference focused on the value of design in technology. See the… Read More

Jenny Lam

First-time conference aims to bridge tech and design in Seattle region

A grassroots initiative to improve the connections among technology companies, user-experience specialists and designers in the Seattle region has spawned a new conference called HIVE 2011, to be held next month on Microsoft’s Redmond campus. GeekWire talked about plans for the conference today with Jenny Lam, co-founder at Jackson Fish Market and a former Microsoft Windows… Read More