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Manti Te’o fake-girlfriend hoax reminds us how creepy social media really is

At one point in history, I had a large amount of hair on my head. So much so that I jokingly made a Twitter account called @TheSoperAfro, specifically for the follicles.  Someone decided to one-up me and created @SoperFroLice. Location: “Taylor Soper’s Epidermis.” Biography: “Ever since Taylor ran out of Head and Shoulders, we’ve been living… Read More


Washington’s Steve Sarkisian is the 5th most popular college football coach on Twitter

If the Washington Huskies football team ends up losing Saturday at the Las Vegas Bowl, head coach Steve Sarkisian probably won’t be the most well-liked guy in town. That’s O.K., though — in Twitter-land, he’ll still be one of the most-popular coaches in the nation. According to a USA Today ranking of the college football coaches with the… Read More


New video technology gives football fans a ‘personalized camera on the field’

Virtual reality experts at Washington State University are allowing fans to essentially become their own live sporting event producers with some interesting new technology. 3D-4U Solutions, a virtual reality engineering company based in Pullman, Wash., launched its own interactive viewing system at WSU’s renovated Martin Stadium. Guests in the 26 suites now have access to… Read More