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Bezos’ Blue Origin space venture now employs 300 people, gearing up for commercial operations

Blue Origin, the Seattle-based space venture backed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has been quietly working for the past 13 years on development and testing of its New Shepard rocket. On Friday, Bezos said that the company is now up to 300 employees and is inching closer to commercial operation. The 49-year-old Amazon founder was speaking… Read More


A peek inside Boeing’s new spaceship: Tablets, LED lights and minimal controls

From the outside, Boeing’s new spacecraft mimics the Apollo-era capsules from back in the day. The interior, however, is all about the future. Boeing today showed off the inside of its CST-100, a commercial spacecraft the company is building in hopes of flying NASA astronauts to the International Space Station. On Monday at Boeing’s Product Support Center… Read More


Washington teen wins NASA “Why Space Matters to the Future” video contest

There’s just something about Washington teenagers and their ability to talk about space exploration creatively. The Coalition for Space Exploration and NASA just announced the winners of their “Why Space Matters to the Future” national video contest and two Washington teens won first and second place. The contest asked three questions: How has space affected,… Read More


Veteran NASA astronaut Nicholas Patrick joins Blue Origin as human integration architect

Nicholas Patrick, the fifth British astronaut to go to space and a NASA veteran, has joined the Blue Origin team to provide his expertise as a human integration architect. Blue Origin, the often-secretive commercial space venture started by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is based south of Seattle and is one of the companies using funding from… Read More


SpaceX and beyond: Latest from the new space race

The docking of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule with the International Space Station is a landmark for the private space industry, marking the first time a commercial spacecraft has flown a mission to the International Space Station, to deliver supplies. SpaceX is one of many companies developing commercial space technologies and planning to launch their own spacecraft… Read More


Geek of the Week: Kristina Wang, aerospace grad student

It’s a fascinating time right now in the world of aerospace, as a variety of projects and ventures seek to usher in a new era of spaceflight — fueling the imagination of people with a passion for airplanes and spacecraft. Kristina Wang is a great example, and we’re pleased to introduce you to her as… Read More


Bezos’ Blue Origin declines to testify at U.S. House hearing

Participants in NASA’s Commercial Crew Program — private companies working on spacecraft to take U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station — testified today during a hearing before the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. But one participant was conspicuously absent: Blue Origin, the company founded by CEO Jeff Bezos, which is slated to… Read More

Blue Origin test rocket

Reports: Bezos’ unmanned spaceship blows up in flight

Update, Saturday morning: After mishap, Bezos vows to press ahead with Blue Origin space project, crew capsule A spacecraft launched by founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin project experienced a “major failure” during a test flight from the venture’s West Texas spaceport last week, according to a Wall Street Journal report this afternoon. Following up… Read More