Kickstarter celebrates 2013: A year of satellites, toys, and a whole lot of crowd funding

It was a big year for Kickstarter. The crowdfunding platform released its annual year-in-review slideshow this week, complete with some new numbers about how much people are using the crowdfunding service to give money to creators looking for a push to get their idea off the ground. According to Kickstarter, 3 million backers pledged $480… Read More


Asteroid miners raise $1.5M for public space telescope, name Richard Branson as investor

Planetary Resources’ Kickstarter campaign started one month ago with some help from Brent Spiner, ended this past weekend with $100,000 from Sir Richard Branson and raised a nice chunk of change from more than 17,000 backers during the process itself. The Bellevue asteroid-mining company just finished one of the top-25 most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history, raising $1,505,366… Read More


Kickstarter campaign for public space telescope reaches $100K in 2 hours

Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based asteroid-mining company, today launched a $1 million Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first crowdfunded, public use space telescope. Naturally, you may wonder why a startup that’s backed by some of the biggest names in technology is asking the public for money. But at today’s press conference at the Museum of Flight announcing the campaign,… Read More


Asteroid-mining company launches $1M Kickstarter campaign for world’s first crowdfunded space telescope

When Planetary Resources first announced its plans to mine near-earth asteroids last year, the response was impressive. More than 3,500 people applied for jobs, another 2,500 inquired about investing and nearly 50,000 reached out wanting to get involved in some way or another. While the Bellevue-based company could only allow a select few onto the team, it knew there… Read More


Asteroid mining company flooded with job applications

Planetary Resources, the Bellevue-based company that this week unveiled plans to launch robotic spacecraft to mine asteroids, has received nearly 1,000 job applications since making its announcement. The company cited the figure in a post on Twitter a short time ago, adding, “Thrilled to see all the enthusiasm!!!” At least on the technical side, it… Read More


Meet Arkyd, the asteroid-hunting robot spaceship

After the big Planetary Resources asteroid-mining news conference today, the executives behind the venture talked more casually with reporters next to the stage. Next to them was a full-scale version of their Arkyd robotic spacecraft. Chris Lewicki, the NASA Mars Rover veteran who is the company’s president and “chief asteroid miner,” gave a guided tour…. Read More

Chris Lewicki

Secretive space robot startup Arkyd to unveil ambitious plans, backed by big names

[Follow-Up: Space robot venture includes Google’s Page and Schmidt, aims to expand Earth’s resources] Arkyd Astronautics, a Seattle-area startup led by a NASA veteran and involving some of the biggest names in the commercial space industry, is preparing to unveil its mission “to revolutionize space exploration activities and ultimately create a better standard of living on… Read More