Pushing back on Delta Airlines

Delta CEO: In-flight cell phone calls would be a ‘disruption to the travel experience’

If you’re a frequent Delta Airlines customer and hate the idea of people making in-flight cell phone calls, there’s some good news for you this morning. Delta CEO Richard Anderson wrote up a memo to 80,000 Delta employees notifying them that even if the U.S. Federal Communications Commission decides to allow cell phone calling in the air,… Read More

Mobile Line Maintenance Applications

Boeing iPad apps help airline technicians fix problems, reduce flight delays

The iPad isn’t just helping the airline industry in the cockpit. Now, Boeing is offering a suite of mobile apps that it says will assist airline technicians in diagnosing maintenance issues, ultimately saving paper and reducing flight delays in the process. The iPad apps give technicians working on Boeing airplanes instant access to manuals, part… Read More


Back in the air: FAA approves 787 battery design changes

After three months of grounding, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner is set to fly again. The Federal Aviation Administration today approved Boeing’s 787 battery changes and has agreed to lift the grounding order that was placed back in January. After a flurry of overheating lithium ion battery problems and emergency landings in Japan three months ago, the FAA ordered all U.S.-based… Read More


F.A.A. approves Boeing certification plan to test 787 battery fixes

The Federal Aviation Administration today approved Boeing’s certification plan to test the 787 Dreamliner’s battery system. Late last month, Boeing presented proposed changes to the FAA and several outlets reported that the FAA was to start flight testing as early as last week. But the FAA denied those reports, calling them “completely inaccurate.” Now, however, it has given… Read More


Breaking: FAA orders all US-based airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners

After a flurry of problems and emergency landings in Japan, the Federal Aviation Administration today ordered all U.S.-based airlines to ground Boeing 787 Dreamliners. This comes just hours after Japan’s two biggest airlines, All Nippon and Japan Airlines, grounded their fleet of 24 787s. On an All Nippon domestic flight today, instruments triggered emergency warnings… Read More


Just in case: FAA says Boeing 787 is safe, will still conduct comprehensive review

Even though both Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration insist the Dreamliner is safe, the government will still be conducing a “comprehensive” review of Boeing’s 787 following last week’s electrical mishaps. The FAA announced today that it will launch a safety review of the 787′s critical systems, including the “design, manufacture and assembly.” Last Monday,… Read More