GeekWire Breaking News in Technology & Business Sun, 19 Apr 2015 20:00:13 +0000 en-US GeekWire 144 144 hourly 1 Don’t let people Google your tax returns! Your 1040 is filed, but where is it stored? Sun, 19 Apr 2015 16:25:39 +0000
It’s great that more folks are backing up their files using cloud-based services like Dropbox. While hacker and virus writers get all the headlines, I think hardware failure is really the biggest risk most consumers face. Cloud services have become such a part of the way we live, however, that we’ve gotten a little too casual about it. That’s how tax returns end up lying around in public places for all to see. You’ve set your computer to back things up automagically, and you’ve also shared some cute cat photos with friends, and all that gets conflated so anyone can… Read More]]> 1 shutterstock_131579165 taxreturn
Advice: Should women bother to raise funds from venture capitalists? Sat, 18 Apr 2015 23:00:29 +0000
The business media hasn’t been kind to venture capital funds in recent weeks. When the nation’s most active deal maker stands trial for sex discrimination, the entrepreneurial community takes notice. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers did win the knotty case against fired employee Ellen Pao, but the case testimony and attention to industry partnership practices seems to uphold the impression that women are not especially welcome in top venture capital fund leadership roles, unless of course they start their own venture fund themselves. The obvious next area of debate is the funding preferences of regional and national venture capital funds.… Read More]]> 1 women-vcs-shutterstock_226441327
GeekWire Radio: How a new startup movement is energizing Seattle’s Central District Sat, 18 Apr 2015 16:54:10 +0000
Students in Seattle’s Central District are adept users of technology, like teenagers everywhere. But now they’re becoming makers of technology, as well. That’s the idea behind Hack the Central District, an effort to help the community by giving students and others the tools, support and knowledge they need to get new technology projects and startups off the ground. Our guest on the GeekWire radio show this week is one of the Hack the CD organizers, David Harris, a former Microsoft engineer whose work in the community has made him finalist for Geek of the Year in the upcoming GeekWire Awards. “Our students nowadays are digital natives. They… Read More]]> 2 150416geekwire hackthecd hackthecd Team Afrikanections pitches at the first Hack the CD event last fall.
Statewide laws regulating Uber, Lyft set to pass in Washington Fri, 17 Apr 2015 17:59:21 +0000
Washington is on the verge of establishing statewide laws for transportation network companies like Uber and Lyft. With a 43-5 vote, SB 5550 was approved by the Washington Senate on Thursday and now only needs a signature from Gov. Jay Inslee before it officially becomes law. SB 5550, sponsored by Sen. Cyrus Habib (D-Kirkland), primarily focuses on insurance rules. Drivers of transportation network companies (TNCs) would need to carry at least $1 million in liability and underinsured motorist coverage when a passenger is in the vehicle. The TNCs must also provide insurance — $50,000 per person for bodily injury, $100,000 per accident for bodily injury of all… Read More]]> 6 uberx Rep. Cyrus Habib D-48 Cyrus Habib.
Redfin broker explains why Seattle real estate is so hot — and it’s not all on Amazon Fri, 17 Apr 2015 17:34:59 +0000
Yesterday, we reported on Redfin’s latest real estate stats, especially considering the Seattle area, which has an all-time record low number of homes for sale. With the market so hot right now for sellers, we wondered just who is driving prices up and inventory down? The go-to gut reaction in Seattle seems to be to blame tech, especially Amazon’s growth (hey, we’re guilty of this, too), but in reality, there are a lot more international players in the Emerald City than we think. International centers of entertainment and finance, like London, Sydney and New York, have long been subject to wealthy… Read More]]> 9 Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.13.22 AM Photo via Flickr/JuanJ
Jet ‘Star Wars’ style in this awesome R2-D2 plane Fri, 17 Apr 2015 16:39:25 +0000
With everything coming up Star Wars these days, it’s a bit of a surprise it took this long for a plane to be painted like R2-D2. No matter. It’s finally here. All Nippon Airways announced this plane, a 787-9 Dreamliner, that will sport the R2-D2 paint job. The plane marks, “the beginning of a five-year ANA Star Wars Project and agreement with the Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.,” according to the ANA press release. It’s the first time a Star Wars character has ever been on a commercial plane. It was unveiled yesterday at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim,… Read More]]> 3 The - GeekWire       And here are some of the airline's awesome tweets: Now if they could only have R2-D2 and C-3PO flight attendants, that would be epic. Oh, and make the airp All Nippon Airways,ANA,R2-D2,Star Wars Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.32.24 AM Photo via Twitter/All Nippon Airways
New book series wants to teach your 3-year-old to code Fri, 17 Apr 2015 16:10:36 +0000
Can a 3-year-old code? That’s the intent of a former Microsoftie and children’s author Ayesha Hameed, who used to be a software developer for the tech giant based in Hyderabad, India. She’s created a new e-book series called Coding Palz. Seeing a lack of books about coding for younger kids, she thought why not start them a little earlier? Coding Palz is for kids ages 3-8. So far, the first four books are already on Amazon, but the entire series will have 20 books. Hameed has set up an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the rest of the series. “Our dream… Read More]]> 3 Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.50.26 AM Photo via Indiegogo/Coding Palz coding for kids Photo via Amazon
Homebuyers beware: Redfin reports Seattle is beyond a seller’s market Thu, 16 Apr 2015 18:20:35 +0000
If you’re thinking about buying a place, you’d best put that off for a while. Redfin’s “Real Time Housing Market Tracker” report reveals that it’s not only slim pickings out there, it’s getting downright ugly in Seattle. The real estate agency reports that Seattle has the lowest inventory of homes for sale — ever. In March, “Seattle (2.2) pulled even with chronically supply-starved San Francisco for the first time,” Redfin states. Nationwide, Redfin reports that home sales went up just over 10 percent in March compared to last year, with new listings increasing by 9.2 percent: “Increased supply has so… Read More]]> 46 Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.13.22 AM Photo via Flickr/JuanJ redfin-median-sale-price-yoy Photo via Redfin/Median Sale Price nationwide redfin-inventory-yoy Photo via Redfin/Inventory nationwide
Who is the Geek of the Year? Vote for your pick in the GeekWire Awards Thu, 16 Apr 2015 17:49:18 +0000
It’s time for a new category for voting in the GeekWire Awards, and it’s a big one: Geek of the Year. This award is designed for someone who created a technological breakthrough that made the world a better place, or strengthened the community through their work or good deeds. Last year’s honoree, Madrona Venture Group’s Julie Sandler, was recognized for her work as a leading voice for women in technology, as a founding member of the Seattle Entrepreneurial Women’s Network and leader of Startup Weekend Women’s Edition. The year before, the award was shared by cancer researcher Rebecca Gardner and computer scientist Oren Etzioni. Those are… Read More]]> 5 julie awards-wave jonathanbrickersmall Jonathan Bricker davidHarris_headshot David Harris BuddingSTEM_headshot b (9) Malorie Catchpole and Jennifer Muhm of buddingSTEM allen Paul Allen cliff Cliff Schmidt
You will laugh at this ad for a Microsoft smartwatch from 2004 Thu, 16 Apr 2015 17:44:20 +0000
Way before the hullabaloo of the Apple Watch, there was the Microsoft SPOT smartwatch. Thanks to Vice’s Motherboard unearthing this cinematic gem, we find out that not only did Microsoft have a smartwatch, the company even made a commercial for it. The ad shows a slicked-up business guy pulling into Vegas for a very Vegas-night out. But what exactly is this international man of mystery doing looking at his watch all night? At least, that’s what Spike Lee wants to know. “This is no ordinary watch,” SPOT watch man says, as he brags about checking his stocks, buying a Rembrandt… Read More]]> 3 You will laugh at this ad for a Microsoft smartwatch from 2004 - GeekWire Way before the hullabaloo of the Apple Watch, there was the Microsoft SPOT smart watch. Not only did Microsoft have the watch, the company even made a commercial for it. The ad shows a slicked-up business guy pulling into Vegas for a very Vegas-night out. But what exactly is this international man o Microsoft,smartwatch Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.36.37 AM Photo via Flickr/够戏博客
Could remote-controlled airplanes be the future? Wed, 15 Apr 2015 18:12:04 +0000
If airplanes could be controlled from the ground, could it help prevent another tragedy like the Germanwings crash last month that killed 150 people? According to Reuters, that’s exactly what the German air traffic control authority is pressing for. “We have to think past today’s technology,” Reuters reports that Klaus Dieter Scheurle, head of the Deutsche Flugsicherung air traffic control authority, said at a press conference yesterday. “I wouldn’t say it’s the simplest solution though,” he added. While Reuters points out that that kind of technology is still about a decade off, and other “pilot associations are skeptical” as ground control may… Read More]]> 3 Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.07.51 AM Photo via Flickr/Creative Commons/
Escaping the ‘posers': Why these founders left San Francisco to build a startup in Seattle Tue, 14 Apr 2015 17:59:23 +0000
It’s only been a few weeks since Kori Handy and Mitchell Porter moved their startup from San Francisco to Seattle, but the founders are already noticing some key differences. “It’s so cold,” Handy said from inside his garage office on Monday evening. “We’re wearing sweaters in here. This is a little different than California.” But weather is certainly not why the Sherbert founders left the Valley. In a Medium post that Handy penned late last month, the 34-year-old entrepreneur went on a mini-rant that explained why he and Porter left San Francisco. “I just did it on a Sunday night while I was drinking… Read More]]> 21 sherbertfounders11 Sherbert founders Kori Handy and Mitchell Porter. sanfrancisco Photo via Flickr user Nicolas Raymond. money-shutterstock_150536375 Photo via Shutterstock startup-entering1 Photo via RootStartup. Seattle skyline and Rainier at sunset (Photo by Kevin Lisota)
Washington State ferries botch launch of online reservation system for summer sailings Tue, 14 Apr 2015 16:23:41 +0000
Washington state ferry passengers are accustomed to waiting in long lines to board one of the popular ferry routes. But what’s worse than waiting at the docks in Anacortes or Port Townsend? Waiting to book an online reservation for one of the summer routes. The Washington State Department of Transportation was supposed to roll out its Save a Spot reservation system today, allowing passengers to book in advance for some of the popular routes this summer. However, the system is struggling to stay afloat. I encountered this first-hand at 7 a.m., trying to book a reservation to Lopez Island for… Read More]]> 4 ferry-wash Washington state ferry. Photo via Christine Majul reservations222 ferrrymessaget5
People are already using Periscope to live-stream Game of Thrones, and Twitter isn’t happy Mon, 13 Apr 2015 15:22:09 +0000
Earlier this month, we explored potential media rights ramifications for people who live stream sporting events with apps like Periscope. Now, we’re seeing the same thing play out in the entertainment world. Mashable reports that “dozens” of Periscope users live-streamed the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere on Sunday night and Monday morning across the world, offering a way for people without a cable subscription to watch the episode. This, unsurprisingly, isn’t making Twitter happy. The company, which acquired Periscope last month, directed Mashable to the app’s Terms of Service that outline how users can be terminated if they infringe on copyrights. “We reserve the right to remove Content alleged… Read More]]> 5 Game of Thrones
John Legere vs. Donald Trump: T-Mobile CEO checks out of Trump hotel after Twitter fight with The Donald Sun, 12 Apr 2015 03:56:59 +0000
T-Mobile CEO John Legere just wanted a little peace and quiet in his hotel room. Instead, he ended up checking out amid a Twitter fight with Donald Trump. The incident started this evening, when Legere took to Twitter to complain about the noise outside his room at a Trump Hotel at New York’s Columbus Circle. Legere tweeted that “there is a street drummer outside my room and Trump won’t move me…” Here’s how Trump reacted, and how Legere responded. .@realDonaldTrump I will serve all customers in the USA openly but I will obviously leave your hotel right away based on this. #checkingout — John Legere (@JohnLegere) April… Read More]]> 24 legere
3 things I learned from trying on an Apple Watch Sun, 12 Apr 2015 00:28:46 +0000
The San Francisco Apple Store was a mob scene at 3 p.m. on Friday as people clamored for a look at the new Apple Watch on the first day it appeared in the company’s retail stores. I was there among the crowd to get my first hands-on experience with the watch, thanks to a try-on appointment I managed to snag at the last minute through Apple’s site. A salesperson led me to a special table near the front of the store that included a set of drawers containing Apple Watches, and I spent about a half hour trying on Apple Watch after… Read More]]> 26 AppleWatchTable AppleWatchBlairWrist Watch3UpNotLiketheOther One of these watches is not like the other. (Photo: GeekWire) AppleWatchMat
Anonymous letter filed in trade secrets case accuses Zillow execs of illegal conduct Sat, 11 Apr 2015 00:55:20 +0000
Move, Inc., the News Corp. subsidiary that operates, submitted a new filing in its ongoing trade secrets litigation against Zillow that includes a letter from an anonymous writer accusing Zillow executives of various illegal actions during their work at the company. The letter-writer lays out a number of claims in the unsigned missive, saying that Zillow Chief Industry Relations Officer and former Move Chairman Errol Samuelson was working for the Seattle-based real estate search company in ways an injunction prohibited him from doing. “Was (Samuelson) working while on injunction? yes, absolutely,” it reads. “Was he careful so you wouldn’t… Read More]]> 14 Errol-Samuelson Errol Samuelson curt_headshot_1[1] Curt Beardsley
Argument between Seattle driver and biker becomes a viral sensation Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:21:17 +0000
How was your commute today? Hopefully it was all coffee and roses and NPR. But this video caught by a biker shows how traveling on the streets of Seattle can go very, very wrong. Q13Fox posted the video that is now going viral of a young woman being confronted by a biker for blocking the bicycle lane. When she exits the building, the cyclist says, “Hey, Ma’am? Is this your car? You know, this isn’t a parking lane, right?” To which she says, “I literally just ran in, so you can keep going. I literally don’t give a fuck about anything you… Read More]]> 111 car
For coffee delivery, Starbucks will use Postmates in Seattle and baristas in New York City Wed, 18 Mar 2015 16:30:27 +0000
At the Starbucks annual shareholder meeting today, the company plans to unveil new details of its highly anticipated delivery service launching in the second half of this year in Seattle and New York City. In Seattle, Starbucks says it will be working with Postmates, the well-known same-day delivery company, to deliver coffee by bike and car within the city limits. In New York City, Starbucks will be relying on its own baristas to hand-deliver beverages through a service it’s calling Green Apron. In January, CEO Howard Schultz hinted the two pilots were coming, but this is the first time we are hearing more details about the operations. Word of the two pilots closely… Read More]]> 1 Starbucks order ahead Brotman Starbucks Digital Chief Adam Brotman Postmates-CEO-Bastian-Lehmann2 Postmates CEO Bastian Lehmann.
This is bleeping awesome: Amazon Echo’s Alexa will cuss on command Mon, 02 Feb 2015 18:47:38 +0000
Alexa, the virtual personality behind Amazon Echo, will now repeat anything you want. As long as you don’t step into NSFW language, that is. Over the weekend, Amazon began notifying owners of its voice-activated, voice-response Echo speaker about two new features. The first provides limited voice command support for Spotify, Pandora and iTunes (beyond built-in support for Amazon Music services, TuneIn and iHeartRadio). A paired Bluetooth device with an app for any of the three music services can be directed to “play, pause, stop, next or previous” tracks. The new feature doesn’t work with Rhapsody or other music apps, yet, as our attempts confirm. A second feature is… Read More]]> 19 echoradio Alexa on the GeekWire Radio Show
New ‘Illuminating Piano’ works with iPad or Windows to light the way for aspiring pianists Wed, 21 Jan 2015 15:15:49 +0000
Wait, which piano key is that note again? That’s the eternal question for people learning to play piano, and a Seattle tech startup is unveiling a novel solution today. McCarthy Music’s “Illuminating Piano” lights up the keys with embedded RGB LEDs to help aspiring pianists as they learn to play. The keyboard connects to an iPad or Windows PC via Bluetooth, USB or MIDI interface. It comes with a dedicated app that displays interactive digital music sheets, and a music store with more than 1,000 pieces of popular music, based on a partnership between McCarthy and sheet music giant Hal Leonard. The product is unique in… Read More]]> 10 New 'Illuminating Piano' works with iPad or Windows to light the way for aspiring pianists - GeekWire Wait, which piano key is that note again? That's the eternal question for people learning to play piano, and a Seattle tech startup is unveiling a novel solution today. McCarthy Music's "Illuminating Piano" lights up the keys with embedded RGB LEDs to help aspiring pianists as they learn to play. Th iPad,Kevin McCarthy,Music,Windows illuminating mccarthy coffee store piano1
Lies my Fitbit tells me Sat, 24 May 2014 19:00:12 +0000
It started at that stage in a relationship where the exhilaration and newness wears off. After eight months, I could no longer ignore worrisome behaviors. They’d become patterns. I finally had to confront my Fitbit about its deceptions. When I was first given my petite Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker last September, I didn’t just like it. I like-liked it. I’d recently come out of a seven-month relationship with the attractive MyFitnessPal website and smartphone app, an unusually strict disciplinarian (insisting I track all foods and exercise), yet our separation filled me with a wonderful sense of loss. Twenty-five pounds worth. The… Read More]]> 23 fitbit MyFitnessPal25lb A stable relationship 3v battery Fitbit Zip food FitbitVeryActiveMins Misled
Boeing engineers create the PebbleBee, so you never lose your keys, kids or TV remote Fri, 21 Mar 2014 17:10:17 +0000
Are you one of those folks who always seems to lose your keys, cell phone or TV remote control? Well, don’t sweat. Here comes the PebbleBee. Developed by Boeing software engineers Daniel Daoura and Nick Pearson-Franks, the PebbleBee is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled device that affixes to various personal items, notifying users if they happen to wander outside a specified range and assisting in the location of the lost items. You can imagine the water-resistant PebbleBee attached to just about anything valuable — from kids’ backpacks to laptops to bikes. The upstart — which describes itself as the “most affordable, secure and feature… Read More]]> 6 pebblebee-founders PebbleBee founders pebblebee-logo pebblebee1 pebble-beeinsider
Apple’s latest iWork update improves compatibility with Microsoft Office Fri, 24 Jan 2014 05:34:06 +0000
Apple issued a number of updates to its iWork suite of productivity apps today, in a move that added some key functionality for competing with Microsoft Office. The new updates have filled in a few missing features, including improved compatibility with importing documents from Office 2013, so that it’s easier for users of Apple’s suite to open up files produced by Office and have them maintain their formatting and composition. All three of the apps also got the ability to export files as password-protected Office documents, so that it’s possible for users to share sensitive information with their Windows counterparts.… Read More]]> 2 numbers_screen iwork
Yes, you can: How to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One Fri, 22 Nov 2013 10:43:36 +0000
Xbox 360 games are certainly not compatible with your Xbox One, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to play your favorite 360 titles on Microsoft’s new console. The HDMI input port on the Xbox One is really meant to feed your cable or satellite connection to the console, allowing you to watch live TV easily. However, you can manipulate the process by feeding a connection not from your cable, but rather from another console. By simply connecting one end of an HDMI cord to the Xbox 360 and the other end to the Xbox One’s HDMI input port,… Read More]]> 225 Yes, you can: How to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One - GeekWire Xbox 360 games are certainly not compatible with your Xbox One, but that doesn't mean there isn't a way to play your favorite 360 titles on Microsoft's new console. console,Playstation,PS3,ps4,xbox one xboxone3602 Yep, it's the Xbox 360 dashboard inside of the Xbox One dashboard. Trippy! xboxonehdmi1.jpg You can plug the HDMI cable from an Xbox 360 into the HDMI input port on the Xbox One to play Xbox 360 titles using the Xbox One. xboxone3601 xboxone360 Playing Forza Motorsport 5 on the Xbox One, and Halo 4 on the Xbox 360 at the same time.
Commentary: We need more startup marketing minds (a.k.a. Full-Stack Marketers) Fri, 08 Feb 2013 20:20:26 +0000
Three years ago I was at a dinner and an entrepreneur was telling me and the VP of Marketing of a successful startup how there weren’t enough marketing folks in Seattle. This VP of Marketing disagreed and said there are plenty of marketing folks, but not the ones startups need. If you go to Twitter or LinkedIn, every other person seems to have a marketing background.  If you open a marketing position at your company, you get more resumes than you would for a front-end developer. The issue could be that there aren’t that many marketing positions available or the supply… Read More]]> 70 stack1 Marcelo Calbucci Marcelo Calbucci, EveryMove