Steve Ballmer and Alan Mulally

Ford CEO Alan Mulally: Exactly what Microsoft needs

Guest Commentary: A flurry of speculation that Seattle’s Alan Mulally, Ford’s turnaround CEO, might be chosen to become Microsoft’s next CEO has digital pundits rushing to throw cold water on the idea. Forbes, for one, says “Microsoft needs a younger, more dynamic CEO with more of an entrepreneurial tech startup mentality.” Actually, Mulally is exactly what Microsoft needs. The Redmond… Read More

Photo via Flickr User GreatBeyond

7 questions about the Seattle Police Department’s high tech surveillance program

Rapid advances in technology are making all kinds of high-tech snooping easier and cheaper. As a result, the Seattle Police department and other local law enforcement agencies will soon be capable of sophisticated surveillance. The kind that allows them to track people suspected of criminal activity, and also record and analyze the everyday activities of… Read More


European leaders aim to create ‘Digital Single Market’ as part of stimulus plan

Editor’s Note: Seattle-based writer and consultant Matt Fikse filed this dispatch from Europe, where he’s tracking the talks over the economic crisis. Brussels, Jan. 30: The world hopes for leaders to emerge from today’s European Summit with some coherent action in the long-running European economic crisis. Based on a leaked draft of the expected summit conclusions, tech companies attempting… Read More