yelpbingYelp announced today that it will use Microsoft Bing to translate reviews on its iPhone app.

Thanks to Microsoft’s Bing Translator, Yelp will translate either one review, or all reviews, with just one push of a button. There are 15 supported languages: English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and Japanese.

Yelp, which will bring the translations to its Android app soon, cautions that the feature will not spit out a perfect translation.

bing11“Although machine-translation is not perfect, it’s a fantastic resource for understanding the overall meaning and context of a review that would otherwise be unavailable to a Yelper who does not speak that language,” Yelp notes in a blog post.

It’s a nice win for Microsoft, which has also helped Twitter with translation tools in the past. This isn’t the first partnership with Yelp, as Microsoft teamed up with the company in May to embed restaurant reviews in the Bing Maps app.

Microsoft is also working on new product called Skype Translator that will translate, in near real-time, words being spoken in different languages on a Skype call — promising to break down language barriers by leveraging years of work by Microsoft in speech recognition and translation.

Microsoft Bing still trails Google in latest U.S. search market share numbers, most recently grabbing 19.2 percent of the market compared to Google’s 67.6 percent.

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  • kid_jenius


  • Timmah

    Yelp and bing…two things I will continue to ignore.

    • ngrrsn

      Why? Not disagreeing, just wonder what your primary issues with them are.

      • Matt Forrest

        Yelp extorts businesses for their ratings. When they don’t pay, Yelp removes good ratings and leave the bad.

        • ngrrsn

          Thanks for that heads-up. I was skeptical of your comment until I read a trusted business magazine article AND found a report from the FTC — not just one complaint, but thousands alleging Yelp extortion and other unsavory practices. The kinds of things thugs in neighborhoods get thrown into jail for doing.

  • ngrrsn

    I recently translated a conversation using Google translator from a Bosnia (serbo-croation) exchange. The translation was pretty much garbled and unintelligible. They got some of the words, but could not figure out the context or overall meaning. I hope Yelp expands their language base to more than just the ones listed here; we live in a much bigger world.

  • xavier


  • Ronald Saint

    Well that’s Yelps problem then isn’t it?


      It’s doesn’t, not isn’t. You probably are not a native speaker, and are using Bing! Goes to show. Switch to the experts, GT that is.

      • Jeff Howitzer

        Well that’s Yelps problem then does it not????? That doesn’t make any sense man.


          He corrected his faulty grammar before you got to it.

  • Manuel Herranz Pérez

    If you manage bigmultilingual data, i would say it makes sense to own your own kind of proprietary machine translation technology rather than rely on external and 3rd party plugins. That signals you’ve given up technological independence. Thus, Ebay’s acquisition of Apptek made sense as Ebay did not want to rely on 3rd parties in international business. Samsung financed the acquisition of Systran via CSLI. Systran is the biggest machine translation company in the world. Facebook uses bing but also acquired a machine translation start-up. Languages and multilingual data means business. Other machine translation companies like Pangeanic’s may be in someone’s shopping list after being a tool developed with TAUS data from large corporations.

  • Juliet Rose

    How unfortunate… As a linguist, I generally Laugh Out Loud on Facebook when I see the translations offered by Bing on friend’s comments or the people who obviously used Bing to post comments in a foreign language. Translations are usually woefully inaccurate, grammatically incorrect and just incomplete sentences. We have more fun reading the Bing translations sometimes.

    • Janine

      Why not you liking the Bing translated? I to understand everything sir say, and in to not understanding thing what you saying, I say to one man that Bing translate is better much than English of yours. I never not using Bing. Bing is superior for you.

      • mercynova

        I can give you tons of examples why bing is POS. Here is one

        • Janine

          Thanks for that, but it looks like my joke flew right over your head. ;-)

          • Juliet Rose

            problem is your joke is everyday BING translation so..uhm…cant tell you’re kidding LOL

      • Juliet Rose

        Yes. of course. you do. You just used Bing to translate that for you from your native language so that you could post a reply?? OF COURSE You did. Your English is verry nice .
        My thanks to you and Bing for my morning Laugh out Loud today. I cant wait to read the Yelp reviews …..translated by Bing and read with thumbs up by people ….such as yourself.

  • Samanthaduff

    Translation app is must especially in countries where people don’t
    understand English. Without translation app or book it is almost
    impossible to survive.


      Try food.


    Bing sucks at pretty much anything, including translations. Idiots!

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