xboxonenokinectOffering up a cheaper Xbox One is helping Microsoft sell quite a bit more consoles.

The company announced today that since it began selling a $399 version of the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor on June 9 — a $100 price cut from the Xbox One with Kinect — sales doubled in one month.

We’ll have more details about how Xbox One sales compare to that of Sony’s PlayStation 4 when the NPD Group releases its monthly data from June on Thursday.

The Xbox One still trails the $399 PS4 in worldwide sales, while Sony’s console has held a sales lead in the U.S. for the past five months.

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  • atomicjuicer

    Sorry but the sales increase is primarily because gamers don’t want Kinect.

    There is no “price drop” unless you don’t want any games.

    This is about a rejection of Kinect pure a simple and news media keep raving about the 100 price drop when there are no savings at all unless you don’t intend to buy any games.

    KINECT IS THE PROBLEM. More focus on the main issue please. If they bundled in a game with this SKU then you could attribute the sales increase to the price change. But they didn’t, so it’s just Kinect.

    • avi

      very little of the sales has to do with kinect’s exclusion. It’s the price difference that is boosting sales. Anyone with common sense can see that.

      • Mark Gibson

        Yes but you will not have the Kinect fetures, It is not a lower price it is a Kinect absent system that is why the price is lower. If the PS4 had its version of Kinect in the same package as the system it would be $499 as well. So it is not a lower price it is just without Kinect so you can lower the price. People are ok with this.. but the Xbox One team is on the upswing on many levels right now. They had a good E3 showing…….

      • demfax

        more than price

    • Mark Gibson

      The problem is not Kinect the problem was some of the leaders the Xbox Team were pushing the wrong vision like digital downloads, voice activation, and Kinect all the way. The public is not ready for this. They want something they can hold onto, option to get Kinect or not, lots of hard drive space, and games games games, plus a system that performs like a next gen system should……. the new people the Xbox One team have on board changed all this. Now they have the right vision……….

  • guest

    They doubled sales by dropping kinect, but that only brings them to rough parity in the US, in Europe PS4 still outsells XboxOne 2.5 to one. And in Japan, well, there is no XboxOne at all.

    So yes, better than getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick, but still loosing ground on a WW basis.

    • demfax

      Not even close to parity in the US right now.

  • Mark Gibson

    Well people don’t want/need Kinect or can’t pay for it at this time. They may also feel that it may hurt performance of the system in general. Also Microsoft is putting out updates every month and doing the best they can to make the system better…. that looks good overall. They have external hd support that is good, plus a lot of games being released this year. Some new people on board the Xbox One team leading the way pushing better system performance over time and games games games….. this also helps. I feel the new people in charge now for the Xbox One have the right vision now. This would lead people to take a hard look at the Xbox One….. it will only get better over time and they are going to try hard to make it so…… this is exciting and I love it……….

  • ima flyGuy

    Sales of xbox one doubled in June but still sold less than ps4 over the month, also Microsoft still won’t reveal actual figures for the month, so I imagine that doubled or not it’s still really low.

  • CJ

    Why would anyone NOT want a Kinect? Maybe it’s based on what people say how it is and not on what it is actually. I have a Kinect and it is a beautiful way of doing things. It is truly next gen to those who aren’t so narrow minded to pigeonhole it to a “gaming peripheral.” Just my humble opinion based on experience.

    • Mark Gibson

      It comes down to what people can afford. I don’t feel many people could afford $500, the Xbox 1 + Kinect. So some waited till just the Xbox 1 was for sale. Also now they say the Kinect may take 10% of the performance away from the Xbox 1… this also becomes a problem… Kinect is a freedom of choice. Some like it and think it is next gen, others think agencies use it to spy on people, invading there privacy, others feel who needs it hurts the performance on the Xbox 1 overall. Voice activated Kinect is next gen and so is digital downloading of games. Some are ready for this others are not…… down the road we will go digital, and voice activation is a big part of next gen thinking. I was against digital download but I got a 1T external HD for the Xbox 1 and now I may like it cause of its ease. Takes time for people to progress……………… lol…..

      • CJ

        I agree. It seems that while they were planning for a 10-year generation, they forgot to consider what gamers would appreciate today.

        • Mark Gibson

          Correct ….. we know the deal CJ……….

    • demfax

      Call people “narrow minded”, call yourself “humble”.

      lol no

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