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Every four years, for one month, soccer fans around the globe crowd around a TV to watch all the exciting matches happening on the World Cup pitch.

Nowadays, though, TVs aren’t the only way to catch all the fútbol action — streaming video online lets us enjoy the tournament while in front of a computer, or on the go with our mobile devices.

This year there are plenty of options to watch your country compete in Brazil at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, even if you don’t have a cable subscription.

Without further ado — the tournament’s first match is on Thursday at 1 p.m PST — here are some options:

ESPN: ESPN is streaming all 64 matches at and via the WatchESPN mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox 360). You’ll need a cable subscription that includes ESPN from one of these providers to access the ESPN feeds.

watchespnESPN Radio is also broadcasting every match. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows. You can also see local affiliates here, and use the TuneIn app to listen.

Univision: Though Univision is broadcasting its matches in Spanish, the cable company is streaming the first 56 matches for free — yep, even if you don’t have a cable subscription, you can still watch with Univision on its website, iOS app, and Android app. The quarterfinals, semifinals and final match will require a cable subscription — Comcast customers, however, won’t have access since Comcast does not carry Univision Deportes. If you fall into this camp, I’d recommend just using WatchESPN.

Other options: There are a few other options, particularly for those that don’t have cable. You can try something like Aereo, which charges a small fee to stream live TV.

If you live in Canada (CBC), the U.K. (BBC), Ireland (RTE) or Australia (SBS), you’re in luck — those respective stations will stream every game online for free, with no subscription requirements. If you don’t live in those countries, the streams will be blocked. Although a bit risky, you can try a VPN like HolaTunnelBear, or Cloak to get around the block.

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  • William Carleton

    Good stuff, Taylor, thanks. Another option is to watch the games in Georgetown at the Machine House Brewery.

  • rick gregory

    Note that to use WatchESPN you need a cable sub *that includes ESPN* in its plan. For example, Comcast basic cable won’t work.

    • Taylor Soper

      Thanks Rick, just added this.

  • Andre Qeen


    1. Join

    2. on any device

    3. all top events

    • alicepooker30

      thanks you rox

      • donbartlett

        Hey, this sounds too good to be true. Also, there seems to be no sign-up… Strange, that. I am a bit suspicious, I guess Can anyone validate that this works? And how this works, not just on the surface…

        • BK

          Need to pay for subscription.

    • Nointernet

      Dont believe this, it is a scam, i sign up and cant watch. always direct me to pay on something else

  • Michelle

    Deceiving article title. The options you give are nothing but paid options or that require subscription, with partial exception of Univision. You just lost credibility with me.

    • Taylor Soper

      Sorry for the confusion. You can watch the first 56 matches for free with Univision. You can also try using a VPN to stream the quarterfinals, semifinals, and final match from CBC, BBC, RTE, or SBS. The final match will be broadcast by ABC, so you just need an antenna to watch that one.

      I’ll try to find some other ways, too.

      • rick gregory

        There are a bunch of inexpensive pay by the month VPN services too. Private Internet Access is what I use but searching will reveal others. PIA is something like $7 for a month, so it’s perfectly reasonable in price terms. Yes, this means you have to stream to a computer but for OS X machines you can Airplay that to your TV if connecting via HDMI isn’t practical. Not sure about Windows options.

      • Fati

        Thanks Taylor for the article! … your info helped me a lot to find what I need … Interesting ..American football is for free…. but not soccer…..

  • Roland Wartenberg

    Title: “How to watch the World Cup for free online, without a cable subscription”

    Text: “… You’ll need a cable subscription from one of these providers to access the ESPN feeds. …”

    -> good example how to lose credibility as an author

    in general there is no FREE legal online option available.

    • mijsmith1981

      WORLDCUP2014ACCESS COM is great source

  • Andy Chang

    The easiest way to watch the World Cup online is either using BBC iPlayer or through CBC’s video player. CBC also allows you to watch the games from 6 camera angles :)

  • Bataz

    I found a good way to watch the world cup as well check this out

  • VPNCompare

    A way to watch from anywhere in the world without a cable subscription

  • Albertoberto2

    I found this site, works for me!

  • BK

    Thanks a great deal for this piece of information! At least will get to watch some of the matches! :)

  • Paja Patak

    You can watch World Cup Live Stream for Free here:

  • Paja Patak

    You can watch World Cup Live Stream Free here:

  • Paja Patak

    You can watch World Cup Live Stream for Free here:

  • Justin Dirak

    You can watch World Cup Live Stream for Free here:

  • Justin Dirak

    You can watch World Cup Live Stream for Free here:

  • Reggie991

    So your whole article title is a giant jerk move mislead. Good reporting….

  • Albertoberto2

    You can watch the matches here:

    No need to pay for anything…

  • Bret McGrath

    Just a heads up, people in the UK can use to view the matches broadcasted on either bbc or itv. You can also use a VPN to get around the block for other countries.

    • Jordan

      Why not just use bbc or itv?

  • Chewy
  • Media
  • Sau Paulo


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  • IntoTheWild

    Nice article, it reminded me of this one I recently read:

    How about that latest Greece game?

  • HannahMoore2014

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  • wwbaker3

    Sorry, I’m not making public the site I stream from. Gotta protect my source.

  • Sally Croft

    Nice stuff, Taylor. Surely, VPN is one of easiest way to watch games online. PureVPN is highly recommended VPN service in USA. Must try

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