LAS VEGAS — Wielding a can of Red Bull, energetic and outspoken T-Mobile CEO John Legere took to the stage today at CES to lay out the Bellevue-based wireless carrier’s next moves — including a plan to credit as much as $650 to people who switch to T-Mobile from rival carriers. He also announced continued growth in T-Mobile’s customer base, with more than 1.6 million new customers in the fourth quarter.

But first he took a little time to bash his rivals.

It was classic Legere who has been a one-man wrecking crew in the wireless industry since taking the top job at T-Mobile in Sept. 2012, repositioning the once troubled carrier. Last year at CES, you may recall that Legere referred to AT&T’s network in New York as “crap.”

Well, Legere — fresh off of getting kicked out of the AT&T party this week at CES — was back again in full force ripping his rivals. Legere is starting to rival a late-night comedian with his off-the-chart remarks, mastering the age-old business tactic of “punching up.”

Here are excerpts from Legere’s opening remarks:

johnlegere1212On Verizon:

“Now, let’s start with Verizon. I want to give them huge credit for standing up and saying: ‘Our network is bloated, the speeds are too slow, we are going to do something about it.’ That’s the way you stand up and solve a problem. However, in this industry, when there is a problem and your network is slow, you should be able to lead. ‘That’s it. I will be back when things are better.’ You don’t download. I am leaving. You will be back later. But they lost sight of their customers, because of their success and they took customers for granted.

“Now, what I am going to talk a lot about here today towards the end is, I have come to the understanding and the final conclusions, that one of the biggest evils in this industry is the family plan. And if you think about it, we grew up thinking that the family plan was a nice thing to give a family. They all sat together, so they got lower prices and it was good for everybody. That is total horse shit.  A family plan is nothing more than a contract on super steroids with staggered dates — a complete life sentence. And, by the way, I said it jokingly last year, but the data caps in the family plan have forced the people in the family to think each other is the problem with the limitations on their data. And it is not Joe Shmoe pulling down porn that’s the problem. It’s that the family plan has a data cap that is too low for everybody, and it is part of a data monetization strategy that Verizon talks about all of the time. So, summary on Verizon: ‘Hey, not us. 55% EBITIDA margins, we don’t want to compete with those guys. Everything is great. We are the best network in the world.’ Ugh, hold that thought.”

DSC05830On Sprint:

“OK, Sprint. I will make this quick. Sprint is a pile of spectrum waiting to be turned into a capability. Right now, their network is completely horrible. They have got high, medium and low and they keep talking about ‘pardon our dust while we redecorate.’ Why then right after do they keep announcing things? The network monetization plan took forever. That Spanky thing or whatever that they announced, Sparky, I mean come on. People in lab coats talking about what’s going to happen when my daughter is president of the United States. That’s another thing where I would just say, whether it’s this the zombie commercials or James Earl talking about the tweets that I have no idea what they were talking about. Student plans at Best Buy. Did I really hear “framily” yesterday? But I wasn’t surprised because last week I heard they might bring the Nextel brand back.

“I would just summarize them as an impaired brand right now with a network capability that won’t be here for a while. Customers should be able to leave, and when it turns out to be whatever they are going to have that ‘Beams up Scotty’ then go back.”

On AT&T:

legere“I forgot one: AT&T. AT&T is a total source of amusement for me because they are the one that takes my bullshit. Dumb move. They take the bait. And they talk in corporate speak. Now, finally when they get around to looking at handset subsidization, and they couldn’t do it. Did they just say: ‘That is a competitive environment and our customers need subsidization?

“No. The geniuses came out and said something along the lines of: ‘When the saturation point in the industry reaches over 92 percent, economically…’ Come on! You got hosed. And what you are going to see then is, these are fat cats that can’t move. I was watching TV the other day after they announced their plan to kind of win the customers back that we took from them that I will explain in a second. Why don’t you have the balls to answer the question.

‘Hey, is this targeted at T-Mobile because they are taking a piece out of you?’ ..

‘No, I would like to give our customers a chance to experience our network and our JD Power-winning…’ Come on. Bullshit. You will have the answer in a few seconds.

“Sponsored Data. I’ll take that in Q&A. That is the biggest horseshit in the world.”

See a full recap of the T-Mobile press event here with GeekWire’s notes from the live event.

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  • Guest

    Shut the fuck up, John.

    Your company is based in Bellevue, Washington. In Seattle, for two years the phone I bought from you got poor to no service in many locations. Your customer service representatives proposed that I use Wi-Fi.

    I’ll repeat that, you bloviating asswit. Your customer service representatives suggested that I NOT USE YOUR NETWORK, for which I PAID EIGHTY DOLLARS PER MONTH TO USE, and instead use others’.

    Then, for months at a time, your paperless billing system went through a terrible software update. Bills wouldn’t load in any PDF reader other than Adobe Acrobat. Imagine that. A PD-fucking-F file that you can’t load with any PDF reader. Un-be-dicking-lievable. On your own forums, those few customers persistent enough to complain did so vociferously until you finally got paperless billing working.

    I didn’t, John, you condescending flibbertigibbet. I switched back to paper billing, because that’s as techno-fucking-logically sophisticated as you are.

    John, you lead a company that supposedly provides wireless telephone service. You don’t. Your company bills people $80 a month and provides no value for it. You whine, you photobomb celebrity parties, but you DON’T PROVIDE THE SERVICE FOR WHICH YOUR CUSTOMERS PAY.

    John, you and T-Mobile would best serve the community by shutting the fuck up and closing the fuck down.

    Thank you and good night, pissmote.

    • Iamrightandyouknowit

      You mad bro?

      • Guest

        Not anymore. I switched.

    • Guest

      If you paid $80 per month, they must have been billing you extra to put up with your incompetance. The rest of us are paying $50 for unlimited everything. I never had a problem paying my bill, but unlike w/ AT&T and Verizon, I knew what my bill would be every month (affordable!), so I auto-debited it. And my coverge is way better than AT&T’s..

    • Guest

      How much did you get paid to post this?

      • JoeMarfice

        $80 a month. He just fibbed about which direction the money was going.

    • JoeMarfice

      Says Anonymous Stranger on Internet.

      Well, I’m convinced! No actual evidence needed for me.

  • Nunyur_Biznezz

    And IF T-Mobile poaches all these customers from Verizon, At&T and Sprint their network will get bloated and slow. I also love how the same day Verizon sells spectrum to T-Mobile this guy insult Verizon. Verizon COULD have sold that spectrum to At&t or Sprint. Stay classy John.
    Oh by the way let me know when I don’t have to drive 40 miles to get a T-Mobile signal just to make a friggen phone call THEN talk about how great your company is.

    • Cael

      T-Mobile had spectrum Verizon needed. All is fair in love & war.

  • backoncourse9

    I think this comment comes straight from AT&T…another example of an emotional outburst.

  • imabitterclinger2

    The only dealings I have had with T-Mobile is when their subscribers ask me if they can use my AT&T phone to place a call, because they have no coverage.

    T-mobile will have to do a lot better than this if they want to become the carrier of more than just teenage girls. CEO 101- Don’t berate your competition, it makes you look small.

  • ccneat

    can we get a ruling from White and Strunk? in one section you transcribe horseshit but later on horse shit ( two words)

  • boop

    Okay, I admit I only know so much about the wireless industry, but a lot of what he is saying here just doesn’t make sense to me. He’s speaking in such generalities and not drawing out the logic for me, admittedly a layman, in a way I can get at the message he wants to get across. In any case, I don’t think I’ll be selling my AT&T stock anytime soon.

  • t mobile sucks

    T-Mobile is the worst cell phone company ever. They lied about coverage and charges from day one. They sold me a plan that it turns out they never had and could never deliver! So, they jacked up my bill to over $150.00 a month for one line and a hot spot (which never works). No plan, but if you later realize how much they suck and lie you’re stuck paying for their phone. That’s the real plan- they sell phones with shitty service they don’t support. I HATE this company.

  • Chris

    ATT keep trying to rip me off putting a number on my account which d…oes not exist 845-800-9076.. I have tried repeatedly over the phone spending several hours on the phone with them to get this bogus number removed from my account. every time they say no problem we will and once again this month a charge for $168.20 appears on my bill… WTF is wrong with the people at AT &T do they hire mentally inept people or do they just not care and think they can do as they wish. So I am putting my payment in escrow from this point forward until they get my bill and my account in order.

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