Microsoft announced new support policies for Internet Explorer today: Starting on Jan. 12, 2016, the company will only support the most recent version of the browser available for a particular version of Windows.

windows-ie“Running a modern browser is more important than ever for the fastest, most secure experience on the latest Web sites and services, connecting anytime, anywhere, on any device,” says Roger Capriotti, Internet Explorer director, in the post outlining the change.

In other words, get ready to say goodbye to Internet Explorer 8 — at least if you want the benefit of ongoing security and security updates and technical support.

The Microsoft chart above shows which versions of the browser will be supported on each version of Windows starting in early 2016.

The advance warning is good, because this will be a big change for many companies and computer users. As explained by Ed Bott of ZDNet, Internet Explorer 8 is the most widely used browser version worldwide, with more than 20 percent market share on desktop PCs, according to Net Applications data.

Read Microsoft’s full explanation of the change here.

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  • Guest

    Big miss — what about XP?

    • Stephen Walters

      XP is no longer supported. IE8 is on XP, thus already no longer supported.
      Either A> Use Firefox or Chrome B> Update to Windows 7

      • Guest

        Would prefer not to use 7 — XP will do. Will upgrade to Microsoft Firefox or Chrome. Thanks

        • Patrick Robert Shea O’Connor

          Windows XP is 13 years old! It’s time to upgrade, 7 is more stable and is pretty much the same as XP (No Windows 8/8.1 Metro crap). There are children who have been born and will be going into high school next year since Windows XP was released!

  • Stephen Walters

    About time they got rid of old browsers. It’s a bit ridiculous that FireFox and Chrome are both HTML5 Modern browsers and people till hang on to old technology. I would have been much happier to see them say IE10 will be he lowest version supported, but that would require them to build an IE update for Server 2008. And people on vista.. just update to Windows 7 or wait for Windows 9 (Startmenu happiness)
    As a web developer I’m tired of bloating code to support old browsers. writing pages that deal with IE 8 makes my head hurt. It was a bad browser when it came out, and never really got any better. IE11 I love. Easy to write code for.. I just write the same code that works o Chrome and Firefox… and ug.. Safari. .

  • Old Hippy

    Hurts my head, that is why I use Opera.

  • Glen Barrington

    I said goodbye to IE quite some time ago. I’m pretty happy with Chrome, but then I’m an Android user, and everything just kind of fits together.

    Yes! Yes! I know Google is evil just like MIcrosoft and Apple are evil.

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