garg55Parag Garg, who was hired as a technology adviser to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, has left the job after just four months, reports Reuters.

It’s unclear why Garg left Allen’s Vulcan Inc. so soon after he was hired. We’ve reached out to both Garg and Vulcan for comment, and we’ll update this post if we hear back.

Garg previously worked as a product architect at, and according to his LinkedIn bio was the inspiration behind the newly-release Amazon Fire TV set-top box.

“I wasn’t happy to leave, but Paul Allen doesn’t hire a tech advisor every day,” Garg told GeekWire of his decision to leave Amazon late last year.

Before Amazon, Garg worked at Microsoft, on projects including the Xbox One, the unreleased Courier tablet and Windows Embedded.

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  • Slam1263

    Maybe they found out that Garg hasn’t a clue about modern technology.

  • intelligentdesigner

    Or maybe they realized that it was actually Apple who was the inspiration for the Fire set top box. Did he really saw that on his LinkedIn page?? Maybe he invented the internet too and Al Gore stole it from him.

  • rick gregory

    I always am amused by the cowards who take potshots at others… but don’t have the balls to sign their name to their posts. Of course, if that crap was moderated… oh well.

    • balls187

      Protip: Downvote and/or Flag comments.

      Also Welcome to the world of Internet Comments!

  • Dave

    Nearly everyone leaves Vulcan, often very quickly. Their churn rate is very high. Hard to draw a conclusion from leaving, or even getting fired from there, other than questioning the judgment of anyone who accepts a job there. I generally laugh now when I get an email from their recruiters because even for some senior roles the turnover is every year or two.

  • businesswomen

    how do you honestly know if he was fired or quit?
    How do you know that he does not have clue about modern technology. Why the speculations dont you guys have anything better to say than going around bashing others

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