ballmerSteve Ballmer can now update his resume with quite the job title: Los Angeles Clippers owner.

The NBA announced today that the former Microsoft CEO has officially become the new owner of the Clippers after purchasing the team for a record-breaking $2 billion.

Last month, a judge paved the way for Ballmer’s purchase after he ruled against former Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The 80-year-old had argued that his wife, Shelly, did not have the rights to sell the Clippers to Ballmer after Sterling was banned by the NBA following his racist comments that surfaced online in April.

But Judge Michael Levanas agreed that Shelly Sterling was allowed to work on a deal with Ballmer after doctors deemed that Donald Sterling was unable to properly conduct business negotiations.

clippers22The NBA’s Board of Governors unanimously approved the sale last week, and the transaction officially closed after the judges’ written order came in this morning. After attempting to buy an NBA team for years, Ballmer finally has a franchise — one that he’s certainly overpaying for.

In a statement, Ballmer said he’ll be “hardcore in giving the team, our great coach, staff and players the support they need to do their best work on the court.” That “hardcore” line is something Ballmer has repeated in college graduation speeches this year.

“I am humbled and honored to be the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers,” Ballmer said in a statement. “Clipper fans are so amazing. They have remained fiercely loyal to our franchise through some extraordinary times.”

Bloomberg reporter Scott Soshnick has some interesting quotes from Ballmer this morning in which he compares owning an NBA team to his days running the show at Microsoft:

Ballmer has said previously that he has no plans of moving the Clippers to Seattle — sorry, Sonics fans.

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  • Harkonnen

    Let’s hope that he brings the same success to the Clippers as he did with Microsoft…

    • Snerks

      Was that intended irony or incidental irony? :-)

  • Chris

    New rule, no more saying you will be ‘hardcore’ when referring to basically just paying for what you want when you have near unlimited resources.

  • Already read it in the Tiimes

    Hurray, more sport news!

  • panacheart

    Ballmer: At the end of the day it’s like product development Support,
    challenge,understand & occasionally give them something to think

    He’s a sales guy, and good at it; product development, not so much. But I’ll give the guy one thing. He LOVES basketball, and certainly knows more about it than product development.

  • ‘Nuff Said

    At least his enthusiasm will fit in better in the locker room than in an all-hands meeting!
    He made a lot of money and he bought something he wanted – I’m happy for him despite my feelings about his previous endeavor.

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