officeSatya Nadella will take the stage at his first press event as CEO of Microsoft next week, and it sounds like he’s going to make a big announcement.

Nadella will announce the launch of Microsoft Office for iPad at the event, according to reports by The Verge and ZDNet. The event, which is supposed to be a briefing about the intersection of cloud and mobile computing, will take place in San Francisco on the morning of March 27.

Unsurprisingly, the apps will require that users have an active Office 365 account, and they’re expected to have features that are very close to those currently available for Office on the iPhone.

The news comes following Microsoft’s announcement of a new Office 365 Personal subscription option, which allows users to purchase a discounted subscription ($6.99 per month, or $69.99 a year) that licenses Office for use on one computer and one tablet. Right now, the only tablets that users can choose from are Windows tablets, but it looks like that may be changing in the near future.

Microsoft is trying to make greater inroads with users on Apple’s platforms: the company released a free Mac version of its OneNote note taking software today in a move to compete against Evernote. Apple, meanwhile, released its iWork suite of productivity apps for free to new Mac, iPhone and iPad buyers last year in a stab at Office’s market share on the Mac and iOS. While Microsoft said that releasing iWork for free was an attempt to “catch up” with Office on the Surface, it seems clear that the company wants to compete with Apple on their turf.

Microsoft isn’t commenting on the reports. The company has said that it will release a version of its productivity suite for the iPad, but the company hasn’t publicly given a timeline.

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  • EW Parris

    To be met by a resounding yawn.

  • TeaPartyCitizen

    Office has already been released for mobile by many other companies. Some of these are really quite innovative. As always Microsoft is ridiculously late to the party.

  • Jason Walson

    I now really question why would any software developer look at Microsoft technology. The one thing they had going for the tablet was office. With no tablet or phone penetration, I now say .NET and Microsoft technologies are now coming to an end. As a developer there really is not much incentive and NO I will never be fooled in to trying to hack Javascript and force it to do things it was never built for. I guess its now on to XAMIAN and Apple. Now is the time to look for a new platform to develop for. Most of the fake technologist who write but don’t code do not understand what just happen. This is huge and in my opinion will be almost impossible to bounce back from. Sure the stock will go up in near future, but many developers will jump ship which means less application built for Microsoft Platform in the long term. It’s now dieing. I expect .NET technology will be replaced in many apps. That is a shame because its far better than anything out there. Short term game will end with major losses. mmmm mmmm mmmm what a shame.

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