bathroom12The kids these days are more connected than ever — even when taking care of business in the bathroom.

According to Nielsen’s latest Digital Consumer Report published today, 40 percent of U.S. young adults (18-to-24 years old) use social media to stay entertained while on the John — more than double the percentage of people, on average, who access a social network in the bathroom.

The study, which used data from Nielsen in addition to a survey that polled 2,020 U.S. adults, also revealed that 56 percent of adults aged 25-to-34 use social media at work. While eating at a restaurant, about 44 percent of those young adults check their social feeds while eating at a restaurant.

Somewhat slightly disturbing from a safety standpoint, the report also noted that 48 percent of mothers with kids under the age of 13 are using social media in the car versus 31 percent overall.

In general, Nielsen found that nearly half of smartphone owners visited a social network at least once per day — an increase of 37 percent from one year prior.

Other interesting tidbits: The average American owns four digital devices and spends 60 hours per week consuming content. About 83 percent own an HDTV (up 42 percent from 2009), 80 percent own connected computers, 65 percent own smartphones (46 percent from 2009) and nearly half own video recorders and game consoles.

In terms of second-screen activities, 84 percent of smartphone and tablet owners said they use their devices as second-screens when watching TV. Smartphone owners also indicated that they spend 86 percent of their time using apps versus the mobile web.

Head here for the full study.

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  • AndrewCrocker

    Only 40%? Well, that is surprising.

    • Timothy Ellis

      In related news, 60% of young adults lie on surveys.

  • swatguy

    the art of conversation has been replaced by flailing thumbs and bent heads. Wonderful.

    • Slaggggg

      What artful conversations exactly are you having in the bathroom? Do you have a wide stance?

      • booo

        My morning #deuce in #sepia on #Instragram . . .nothing like a little morning # to get you going.

  • Christopher Budd

    Hey if it’s this or people talking on their cell when using the bathroom, I’ll take this.

    And yes, it WAS at Microsoft when I saw that happen.

  • Slaggggg

    Old people do it too!

  • S

    “The average American owns four digital devices and spends 60 hours per week consuming content.”
    Are they saying sixty hours OUTSIDE of work? Almost 10 hours a day? Not possible. And if it is, very sorry.

  • sandy

    Why are folks in their 50s left out of these stats? Not that I’m upset at being overlooked in this, less than flattering study.
    And by the way… not all “canned” smartphone use is social media related. ;)

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