3 StepsA group of four entrepreneurs from Seattle want to help keep your home safe from intruders with a $100 dongle and a smartphone app.

The Korner team.
The Korner team.

Korner is raising $150,000 on Indiegogo for a security product that gives people 24-hour monitoring of their home or apartment. By plugging in the dongle to a router and sticking curved sensing tags in the corner of doors and windows, users can be notified via a smartphone app if someone has entered their home.

When the tags sense movement, the system pings the dongle wirelessly and sets off a high-pitched alarm while also sending a notification to the user’s smartphone app. He or she then has the option to call police, send the alert to someone else, or disable the system completely.

Korner CEO Steve Hollis, who also works for Amazon, said that one of the company’s key innovations is the single piece motion-detecting tag, which differs from the more common two-piece sensor set that requires alignment to operate.

Tag Being Applied to Door croppedHollis also envisions Korner evolving into an online messaging service that helps neighbors keep in touch with each other.

“It becomes, essentially, a neighborhood watch application,” he said.

Hollis said that the idea for Korner came after he spoke with a family who wanted to protect their house, but couldn’t afford a security system.

“It struck me at the time that this is crazy,” Hollis said. “Ultimately, I just said there has to be an opportunity here.”

After just three days, Korner’s Indiegogo campaign has raised $51,500 — more than a third of the company’s $150,000 funding goal. The product is similar to the security system built by Canary, which raised $2 million on Indiegogo and last month brought in a $10 million Series A round led by Khosla Ventures.

Learn more about the Korner here.

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  • Kary

    I didn’t see what the corner sensors cost.

    I can see the merit of this, but I’m not clear on whether the sensors will allow a partially open position for a window, as allowed by the two point sensors. Also, it would be nice to have remote alarm horns and smoke detectors someday.

    • Robert

      Hey there, so if you go to the Korner page: they are offered in packages of 3 tags and 1 fob for under $100, as well as larger packages for larger homes.

      The sensors detect movement, so if a door or window is partially open it will only sense if it’s moved before sending a signal to the dongle

      Things like remote alarms and smoke detectors would be something that would be considered and added down the road.

  • Sue

    Looks promising but……only the app can disarm it? Does the app alert BEFORE the alarm? If not, I see a lot of problems here. Without an on/off option or code (like standard systems) what if you forget to disarm before you want to put garbage out before bed – oops-LOUD alarm? If you’re sleepy in am and forget to disarm before letting dog out – LOUD alarm? What if you can’t find your phone and the dog is whining to go out ? What if your pet sitter comes early, LOUD alarm, but you’ve silenced your phone while in a meeting. …..The neighbors are tired of the loud noises by now and ignoring it or calling the police… To complain!
    I can see the validity for women shelters and safety for heightened security issues, but seems impractical for everyday living. Maybe I’m missing some information, but seems like it needs some other back up options.

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