worldcupIEMicrosoft is getting in the World Cup spirit.

USA - InstagramSoccer — er, fútbol — fans will like a slick new website built by ESPN and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team that just launched this morning. ESPN FC World Cup Essentials features a one-stop shop for this month’s highly-anticipated competition, complete with detailed information for all 32 teams and a bevy of other related content.

Built for touch devices and similar to other interactive “Rethink IE” websites, ESPN FC World Cup Essentials lets you swipe through team pages that include sweet downloadable 3D artwork for all 32 squads. The site also has the latest news from the pitch, social media updates, pages dedicated to every match, and highlights from every World Cup dating back to 1930.

Microsoft notes that the site, built using technology like HTML5, WebGL and Pointer Events, works best in Internet Explorer 11 — good thing that security flaw was patched up last month.

Check out the site here.

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