Boeing's new Seahawks-themed 747-8 Freighter flies took a short 13-minute flight from Paine Field to Boeing before . Photo courtesy of Boeing.
Boeing’s new Seahawks-themed 747-8 Freighter took a short 13-minute flight from Paine Field, over downtown Seattle, and finally to Boeing Field before setting off on a three-hour, 20-minute “12th Man” trip around Washington. Photo courtesy of Boeing.

If you thought the look of Boeing’s newly-designed Seahawks 747-8 Freighter was cool, you have to check out the plane’s flight pattern today.

The jumbo jet, which Boeing unveiled Wednesday, just took off on its first flight ever with the new design from Boeing Field south of downtown Seattle. It will fly under the call sign “BOE12” for three hours and 20 minutes, but won’t leave the state of Washington.

How is that possible? Well, check out the planned flight path:


In an ode to the 12thMan — the nickname given to the Seahawks fan base — Boeing will fly in a “12” pattern over eastern Washington before heading back to Seattle. You can follow the flight live here.

The new-look 747-8 Freighter actually first took off this morning from Paine Field and landed at Boeing Field 13 minutes later. Here’s the Seahawks love they had going on at Paine Field:

Starbucks’ 12-cent coffee campaign was cool and Microsoft’s on-campus decorations were neat, but it’s safe to say Boeing just might have the most Seahawks passion of any company yet.

Check out more photos of the Seahawks 747 Freighter here.

Update, 3:05 P.M.

We’ve been hearing a few people complain that Boeing is “wasting fuel,” by flying the 747-8 Freighter today in the “12” pattern. We reached out to Boeing to see if the company had a response, and here’s what they sent:

This is a Boeing owned airplane that is already being used in test flight. We are sponsors of the Seahawks and have partnered with them for many years for community projects. We’re proud to show our support of the team and their fans across the Northwest.

Update, 5:55 P.M.

BOE12 completed its trip and landed at Paine Field at 4:43 p.m. Thursday. Here’s a look at its flight path:


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  • LonelyTraveler

    Surprising you haven’t picked up on Expedia’s effort yet:

    • Taylor Soper

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • Patrick Husting

    We have the BEST FANS in the Northwest. Great to see all the big companies get behind the team too.

    Haven’t heard or seen a thing from Denver yet…

    • Sean B. Haney

      The Broncos flew United….:-)
      Gotta say that was pretty cool of Boeing to do this. Screw those people who think it’s a waste of fule- it was a test flight for gawd’s sake!

  • axiomflash

    Can the plane really make 90º turns like that?

    • Patrick Husting

      Photoshop ;o)

      • Cameron

        Nope. Not photoshop

    • Matthew

      heh, no. if you zoom in you can see that they are rounded off. if you zoom out they look relatively straight.

      i love that they filed their flight plan for 12,000 feet.

    • AntoineS

      If you go slow enough, sure it’s possible.

  • Emmy Dogg

    look at the haters, go hawks

  • Scott Moore

    Very cool. Now why doesn’t Paul Allen buy up some tix and fly in a bunch of 12’s on this bad boy? And they can haul “Bussell Wilson” too.

    • John VanPatten Jr

      There are only 6 seats on the plane. It is a flight test plane and not FAA certified for passengers.

      • h3x

        It’s also a freighter…

  • John VanPatten Jr

    Did any of those complaining “waste” $100+ for a Seahawks jersey?? I bet some did….

  • johnbill west

    go go go go go go Boing 12 th man

  • Jon Julnes

    I want this IN THE AIR ABOVE MET STADIUM ON SUNDAY at half time!!!!

    McNerney….call Obama and get CLEARANCE!!!!

    Great press for Boeing, great Press (worldwide) FOR US AIRFRAMES AND…..FOR THE HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make it so Obe Won.

    • Dave

      You’re ridiculous.

  • Andy B

    a waste of fuel? would they rather boing not test their planes? who cares if its a test flight in a big circle or if they have some fun with it and fly a big 12? GO HAWKS!! Haters gon’ hate!

    • Dave

      Boeing* good try though.

  • Bol manyang

    This is so impressive. Seahawks got to win this championship for this big support to reign all the time. Go Boeing home made product !!!

    • Dave

      Is English even your first language? If so, I worry about our future….

      • val

        kinda mean, Dave my man. Be Nice.

        • Dave

          It’s the Internet, if you’re expecting nice…. I think you might be in the wrong place

  • Val

    This is SO cool!! Love it! Thanks, Boeing! Now, treat your mechanics well.

  • shortround

    Boeing should fly the Seahawks plane over Denver. That would get some Colorado mouths flapping.

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