Amazon should acquire Sears Holdings, including 2,400 Kmart and Sears stores, creating a major physical retail presence in the U.S. and allowing the stores to double as new distribution centers.

And the Seattle company should axe the Kmart and Sears brands.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

At least, that’s the contention of retail industry analyst Robin Lewis, writing this week in a post on his Robin Report site

“This could fall nicely into Bezos’ hungry little hands,” writes Lewis, referring to the Amazon CEO. “Amazon might be able to cut an incredible deal, at least far less costly in time and capital, than building or leasing its own nationwide distribution centers/stores.”

“So, in my opinion, bye, bye Sears and Kmart brands, hello Amazon, replacing those brands wherever they appear, store nameplates included,” he writes. “Why not? The Amazon brand name is simply more powerful today, and I suggest even more so among the younger generation, well on its way to becoming the largest consumer segment.”

Amazon has dabbled in physical retail with temporary “pop-up stores” at shopping malls and automated kiosks dispensing Kindles and related accessories in other locations around the country.

Given the company’s love of technology and pursuit of efficiency, any large-scale move into physical retail would no doubt include a heavy element of automation and robotics.




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  • guest

    I cannot think of a stupider thing for Amazon to do. This analyst is an idiot. Why would Amazon invest in unnecessary real estate of dubious commercial value.

    • Jack Donaghy

      Sorry, but you’re the idiot. People often like to look at things in stores before ordering them online, so they know exactly what they’re getting in the mail.

      The physical stores would serve as showrooms for Amazon. True, people would be able to buy things there if they want, but they would probably just go home, think about it, then order it off Amazon’s website with two-day free shipping.

  • Kevin

    It’d be the first time someone has bought something at Sears in the past decade!

  • Charles Nichols

    It’s better to wait for Sears to go bankrupt first, then grab the stores.

  • Kary

    My only question is whether this is an attempt to drive up the price of Sear stock, or an attempt to drive down the price of Amazon stock. ;-)

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