Microsoft is giving all Xbox Live users access to the Netflix app — just for this weekend.

Normally, the app is only available for Gold-level subscribers who pay $60 per year. But Major Nelson announced today that all Live users with a Netflix subscription will have access this weekend.

It looks like a move to help promote the new Netflix original series “House of Cards,” which premiers Friday.

After surprising Wall Street with strong results last week, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings used a portion of his quarterly letter to shareholders to take on Amazon, Hulu Plus and Redbox. He presented a chart showing which portion of the top 200 movies and shows on Netflix are also available from those rivals.

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  • christina

    So, if I have a gold membership I don’t have to pay the monthly Netflix fee?

  • Mike Christensen

    This is great, though I’ve always thought it was silly you had to pay extra to use Netflix on an XBox, when Netflix charges to begin with..

    • Nathan O

      I’ve thought it would be nice if xbox could tie all of this paid subscription services into tiered Xbox live packages. i.e Xbox Platnium which includes xbox music,Netflix, Hulu, HBOgo etc… Finally having the xbox reach their goal as the all-in-one entertainment box. There would be a lot of legal logistics and deals to cut for MSFT but its not like they don’t have the money and the people to pull it off.


    The article does not mention if Xbox is going to charge people after the weekend is over. If I download the app today, come Monday if I still want the app will I be required to pay $60 a year for access? I would imagine once the app is downloaded it would not matter but this is an important factor. Since you can cancel Netflix at any time it is still a good thing, but I would still like to know.


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