glassdoor-Top 10 Companies Best Business OutlookMicrosoft just hit a five-year stock high, and during the last quarterly financial report posted profits of $6 billion.

But still a quarter of employees at the software giant think things are going to get worse, and just 35 percent say the business is going to improve over the next six months, according to a survey out today by Microsoft’s stock is up 15 percent in the past year, and it is now valued at $286 billion.

Microsoft’s poor showing contrasts with Google, Yahoo and — all of which have a majority of workers who say things will improve over the next six months. Apple didn’t make the top ten list, but staffers in Cupertino also are upbeat with 59 percent saying things will get better and just nine percent expecting things to get worse.

Google’s Larry Page

As the chart shows, Google staffers are the most bullish. Eighty six percent of employees indicate that things will improve at the company, and no one indicated that things would get worse. Wall Street tends to agree, with the stock up 46 percent in the past year and shares now trading above $900, given Google a market value of $301 billion. employees also are big believers in the future prospects, with 69 percent saying that things will improve and just eight percent saying that they will get worse. Amazon’s stock is up 22 percent over the past year, and founder Jeff Bezos continues to invest heavily in multiple business units at the expense of short-term profitability.

For the latest survey results, Glassdoor asked employees: ‘Do you believe your company’s business outlook will get better, stay the same, or worsen in the next six months?’

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  • Guest

    Excellent! Between Glassdoor reviews and GeekWire comment patterns, it will be very easy to identify the 25% of men who frankly don’t want their jobs anymore. Making Microsoft a leaner organization is a job even a shaved chimpanzee could do.

  • AyaisMUsikWhore

    Well while Microsoft is bashing it’s competitors.. It should take that time to understand what their employees need. Microsofttakes to much time aworrying about what everyone else is doing instead of handling their own

    • DaMarico Fowler

      The part “bashing” their competitors is not the whole company, its marketing and its an aspect of their job. As to worrying about everyone else its part of the business to be somewhat concerned about what the other companies are doing.

  • Gabe

    Why don’t you guys link to the glassdoor article. Disgusting.

  • Fire Ballmer yesterday

    More negative data points that MS’s board will continue to happily ignore.

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