A new report from the Pew Internet Project found that 33 percent of Americans now own a tablet, a number that has nearly doubled in just the past year.

surfaceblackIn May 2010, only three percent of adults 18 and older owned a tablet. Two years later, that number jumped to 18 percent, and in just the last year, skyrocketed to 34 percent.

While smartphones tend to be most popular among the younger crowd, Pew found that the highest concentration of tablet owners is in the 35-to-44 year old age range (49%). Also, those with household incomes for $75,000 a year or more (56%) were most likely to own tablets. 

The findings, based on 2,252 interviews conducted from April 17 to May 19, also found that parents with children at home as the demographic group with the biggest growth, going from 26 percent last year to 50 percent in 2013. 

Worldwide tablet shipments are expected to grow by more than 58 percent this year, surpassing shipments of portable PCs for the first time, according to new projections made by IDC last month. The research firm said tablets will reach 332 million units by 2015, exceeding the total PC market.

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  • Retire now, please

    ” “Personally, I don’t know whether I believe that space will be a persistent one or not.” — Craig Mundie, MSFT, Nov, 2011.

  • jz100

    The stats mean very little. Just because people buy a tablet doesn’t mean they don’t use their PC. I own a tablet, notebook, and desktop PC. I use all of them, and would never give up my desktop PC for any tablet.

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