The most reliable Windows PC, according to Soluto.
The most reliable Windows PC, according to Soluto.

When you think of reliable laptops that run Windows, the names Dell, Acer, HP or Lenovo might come to mind.

But a new report from PC service company Soluto might surprise you: It found Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro as the best PC on the market.

Yes, that’s right — the best-performing Windows laptop is a Mac product.

Based on Soluto’s “frustration analytics,” which take into account things like application crashes, blue screens of death and long boot times, the MacBook won out.

Here’s what Soluto had to say about the MacBook:

A main factor in this machine’s metrics is the fact that every Windows installation on it is clean. With PC manufacturers loading so much crapware on new laptops, this is a bit of an unfair competition. But on the other hand, PC makers should look at this data and aspire to ship PCs that perform just as well as a cleanly installed MacBook Pro.

People can run Windows onto Macs by using software like Boot Camp. Soluto did acknowledge that it may be unfair to compare “cleanly installed” MacBook Pro’s with other PCs that have Windows preloaded, but chose to do it this way because “it’s more representative of reality.”

Five Dell PC’s made the list, while Acer had two.

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  • Christopher Budd

    I would argue that if it’s an unfair comparison, it’s fairly unfair.

    The bloatware/crapware problem has been an issue on PCs for as long as we’ve had PCs. The OEMs have the power to impose minimal standards around security and reliability and have routinely chosen not to do anything about it.

    I’ve never used a Windows system with the OEM build because of this problem.
    So if this study calls attention to this problem and helps finally move people to solve it, it’s a good thing.

    • Jason Farris


  • Adriel D. Mingo

    That’s so off. And an Acer is second to the Macbook? Really? Not the ThinkPad or the DELL Latitudes or the SONY VAIO Z, or even ASUS’ stellar line?

    And for the crapware problem if you buy from the Microsoft Store you get the special editions that are very optimized and free of crapware.

  • Ron Olander

    Acer, less than half the cost. when I win the lotto, I will buy a mac…

  • SilverSee

    Crapware IS an issue in the PC market, though there seems to be less of it on Windows 8 devices (and of course, none at all on Windows RT tablets).

    I tell all of my friends and family to buy their computers from the Microsoft Store because of the Microsoft Signature Windows installs.

    FWIW, MacBooks are dead to me now without touchscreens.

  • ujala fatima

    good listed Macs are the best for high resolution art. They have a tonne of
    memory too for all sorts of things, but some games you buy on disc aren’t
    compatible with macs but its expensive..Besides that Dell and Hp is common in use they are usually known ad
    reliable and available in affordable prices.

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