tracktreat1Looking to keep track of the little ghosts and goblins this Halloween, but don’t want to be a hovering parent? Well, technology from Seattle startup Glympse is here to help.

The Seattle company just unveiled a free app (for iOS only) called Track n Treat, which like the name suggests allows parents to keep a remote eye on the kiddos as they wander the neighborhood trick or treating.

“Halloween is fun for kids of all ages but, as a parent, I know there are real concerns about a child’s safety while trick-or-treating, especially after dark. We created Track n Treat to provide assurance to parents by giving them a real-time view on where their children are on All Hallows Eve,” said Bryan Trussel, co-founder and CEO of Glympse. “We are using technology to give parents peace of mind.” Parents can track the locations on the Web or their own smartphones, watching where they go on the device.

Track n Treat showcases the Glympse tracking technology, which we’ve written about in the past here and now boasts more than 10 million users.

Of course, younger kids don’t always carry a smartphone, which is necessary to track the whereabouts of the little ones. In those instances, Glympse is suggesting that parents allow their kids to take a phone with them on their Halloween expeditions. (Just make sure it doesn’t get lost amid all of the Candy Corn and Kit-Kats).


Editor’s note: Glympse CEO Bryan Trussel will be one of the featured speakers at this year’s Startup Day, taking place Oct. 25th at the Showbox Sodo.

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  • UnderSerf

    Mmm – as long as Glympse is held criminally responsible when pedophiles use this “app” to find child targets, then fine. But since no one has EVER been jailed for deliberately creating dangerous security breaches on these toys, I don’t imagine anybody @ Whisper is gonna be penalized for providing information about children to pedophiles. Such precedent dictates Glympse is free to endanger anyone they like in the name of “profit”.The Great Promise indeed…

    • ChetCrunch

      Without any sort of tracker, the pedophiles you speak of don’t need the “app” to find their child targets. With it, according to you, they have better access to them. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If you know the guys at Glympse, which you should because they’re awesome, you’d also know that this is SO far from the truth.

      Rock it Glympse, love the idea and great way to promote the different uses of your technology.

    • UltraPeepi

      What “profit” is there in an app that is designed to be used one a year? Is it possible, Glympse is making this app available for the purpose they claim – safety for kids? Is it possible, the people at Glympse have kids too? Or is it more likely that they are all evil and not only want kids, but their candy and their phone too? “I’ll get you my pretty, and you iPhone too!”

    • MamaR

      Seriously? You obviously don’t know what the app is about. You control who sees the Glympse and for how long. I’m thinking the pedophiles you’re talking about just wait until their doorbell rings to find trick-or-treaters!

  • Chelsea

    In general I do really like glympse, and i used to use it all the time. but about a month or so ago i switched to life360. i think it helps me keep track of my kids way better. track or treat seems good, but life360 also lets you send messages and lets your kids check-in on their own. glympse is cool. life360 is better, imo.

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