You wake up in the morning, walk into the living room and say “Xbox on” to activate your gaming console.

This could very well be reality if there’s truth to a recent report from The Verge. Sources close to Microsoft’s plan for the next-generation Xbox told The Verge that the new Xbox will include improved speech recognition software similar to Apple’s Siri and will support natural language controls and speech-to-text.

The current Xbox already has some voice recognition ability, but this would be an obvious upgrade. The new Xbox will also reportedly be able to use the Kinect to detect how many players are in the room for multiplayer suggestions. Other cool features include the ability to ask “what my friends are playing” to open up a friends list and ask the Xbox to “play a movie.”

Microsoft’s global console sales fell more than 28 percent, to 5.9 million units, in the 2012 holiday quarter, according to numbers released by the company last month.

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  • Guest

    Very cool! I’m amazed that no company or device had ever developed speech recognition prior to Siri, but Microsoft is doing the right thing in implementing Siri on Xbox.

    iPhone, would you kindly turn Xbox on and ask it to download all the new demos? Please send a notification to Surface Pro when it’s done. Thanks!

    • guest

      Yeah, it’s gotta hurt that MS invested heavily in speech for more than a decade, even bought then leader TellMe for close to a billion, but Apple was able to come in late again, make a very modest investment to acquire SIRI, and within a year was able to establish it as the standard against which everyone else is now judged. Google appears to be well ahead of MS as well. Too bad they don’t give prizes for effort, just results.

      • Guest

        Sorry, you’re mistaken. Nobody did speech recognition before Siri. TellMe incorporated well after Siri was released, and so all of its products are Siri-esque.

        • guest

          Dozens of people did speech recognition before Siri. Indeed, its technology is based in part on a much earlier DARPA project. The company was only founded in 2007. Tellme was founded in 1999. MS’s work in this area dates back even further.

          • Guest

            Exactly, the Windows phones had this from day one, LONG before apple

  • Guest

    Shouldn’t the headline be “New Xbox to have Kinect like voice recognition built
    in”? Kinect was launched ~ 1 yr prior to Siri appearing on the iPhone 4s,
    and undoubtedly is the genesis for native Xbox support.

  • guest

    The Kinect has been around much longer than siri, the same tech is used in Windows phone, it would be more accurate to relate siri to the Kinect rather than the other way around…

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