Traffic jam ( photo)
Traffic jam ( photo)

Congrats, Washington: Your drivers show more honesty than those from down south.

A new poll from Seattle-based PEMCO Insurance found that Washington drivers are more likely to leave a note with contact information after hitting an unattended car than motorists from Oregon.

The numbers speak for themselves: 67 percent of Washington state drivers leave their information, while only 53 percent of those in Oregon would do the same.

“We don’t know what to make of the difference between answers from Portland and Washington drivers. Maybe that’s best left to psychologists,” said Jon Osterberg, PEMCO spokesperson.

The poll also found that “men are involved in significantly more car accidents than women, regardless of who’s at fault.” Also, Washington drivers tend to call 911 following their most recent accident more often (56 percent), compared to 39 percent of those from Oregon who did the same. But Oregonians (69 percent) file a non-emergency accident report within a day of an accident more often than Washington drivers (52 percent). 

Speaking of the whole Washington vs. Oregon debate in the startup world, this slick video just released today shows off 11 of Portland’s top tech startups as part of a new endeavor to attract more talent to the Rose City.

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  • Jamie

    Oregonians expect a gas station attendant to leave the note for them.

  • Joe McGrath

    Poll: Washington drivers lie more often when polled on whether they would leave a note or not.

  • Salem Resident

    Is this really a difficult question? Oregon has more undocumented, and therefore uninsured motorists. Undocumented can’t get insurance. Uninsured motorists are most wise to not be caught due to the many legal problems and personal liabilities related to being in this situation. So we need to either fix immigration or allow license/insurance in the meantime. Again… Is this difficult?

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