Figuring out which tablet to buy isn’t easy these days. Just ask Olen Ronning, user experience designer at the Artefact product design group in Seattle, who has been reviewing the latest wave of tablets from the perspective of a creative professional.

His latest piece assesses the Surface Pro, declaring the battery-challenged Microsoft device “the Tesla of tablets — fast and stylish but with range anxiety.”

But the part that really caught our attention was Ronning’s tablet buyer’s decision tree, which is not only entertaining but actually pretty useful.

Here it is below, reprinted with permission. Click for a larger version, and enjoy.

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  • Greg

    Decision tree doesn’t include Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire?

    • Olen Ronning

      They were in my old decision guide, but I edited them out of this one considering that, in my opinion, for most people an iPad Mini is a better choice. However, if you end up on the “Nexus 10” then you could just as well replace it with the 7 or Fire.

  • confused


  • n8

    Very useful, except for the “For Work” path when asked if mainly for excel and word docs asks, “Then why aren’t you getting a Macbook Air?” Because if I’m running MS products, I want the full normal version that doesn’t let images and graphs go missing when I’m opening docs created by the majority of the people using excel and word on a PC. I want to be able to run the latest version others are running and have the same UI as I do on my desktop at…you know…WORK.

    • Olen Ronning

      Do what I do – run Bootcamp. :-)

      • n8

        Apple computers are good, I have no doubt about that. My previous job I used an imac and a PC side by side, to each it’s own according to performance and function. But if I had to choose one for work that is specifically related to Excel and Word, it would be a PC. If it was mainly for just Word, the Air would probably do just fine.

  • DigitalG

    The tree leaves off one option – Don’t by a tablet because you do real work on computers.

  • mekskwpm

    If using things like this is how you make your decisions, you’re going to have a hard time.

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