After offering up a bunch of novelty gift items promoting its “Scroogled” campaign, Microsoft has fired another salvo. This time, they’ve enlisted the help of Rick Harrison and Richard Harrison, two of the stars of the History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars,” to bash Google’s Chromebooks.

The ad follows a woman who wants to pawn a Chromebook, but is stopped by Rick, who says he won’t accept it, because he claims it’s not a real computer.

“Unfortunately, I can’t buy everything,” the younger Harrison says. “Especially when it’s not what it appears to be. And this is not a real laptop.”

Rick mentions a lack of Microsoft Office, Windows and, surprisingly, Apple’s iTunes as reasons to avoid Chromebooks. In addition, the ad hits on another one of the key points in Microsoft’s campaign: that Google is looking to take users’ personal information and sell it to advertisers.

The Chromebook is becoming a thorn in Microsoft’s side, as computer manufacturers look to diversify their product lineup to try and combat falling PC sales. Especially as Google expands its marketing of the low-cost portables, It seems like Microsoft is concerned about what that competition might bring.

Google was not immediately available for comment on the ad.

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  • Brian Lockhart

    That ad makes me want to buy a Chromebook, just to see what Microsoft is so worried about that it had to resort to such a lame, petty attack ad campaign.

  • webmaster

    The pawn stars guys don’t know shite anyway. They have to call people in before they buy anything. They should call someone from Google and have them explain the Chromebook to them.

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