xboxliveUpdate, 4:10 p.m.: The service is now back, Microsoft says. Here’s the updated message on the Xbox Live status page: “If you were one of the members who was having issues signing in to Xbox LIVE, good news! This issue has been fixed! Thank you so much for your patience during this time, feel free to go enjoy your favorite games and content!”

Original post follows.

If you’re looking to play some multiplayer Halo or watch Netflix movies on your Xbox 360 right now, you’re out of luck.

Microsoft is reporting a significant Xbox Live outage, rendering the service unavailable since earlier this afternoon, smack in the middle of the peak weekend usage period. The outage is preventing users from signing in to Xbox Live, blocking access to the online services normally available through the console.

As of 3:30 Pacific time, the company said on its service status dashboard, “There is still an issue members are having signing in to Xbox LIVE, we greatly appreciate you sticking it out with us while we work as hard as we can to get this problem fixed. Keep checking back here every 30 minutes for another update on our progress.”

I’ve contacted Microsoft to see if there’s any explanation beyond that. In the meantime, in our house, we’ve plugged the Mac into the TV via the HDMI port to get our weekend fix of Thomas and Friends.

Follow-upXbox Live outage caused by network configuration problem


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  • Saveabreast578

    Still not up keep getting disconnected very fucking disappointed wanted to enjoy my last week on my account but this had to happen. It’s still not fixed!!!!!

  • ZealousOne

    This is the NUMBER ONE reason why I hope the next XBOX does not require always on Internet access for its operation is rumored. We should still be able to use the consoles we pay for online or OFF. We shouldn’t be at the mercy of LIVE or ISP downtime preventing the use of the hardware.

  • guest

    This is what, the third or fourth major service interruption for MS in just the last 2-3 months? Makes me wonder if their infrastructure isn’t as resilient as that of their competitors, or maybe their employees just aren’t as motivated and that results in human error. Either way it’s giving the company a bad record for reliability.

  • Brian Nebeker

    Your cell phone was designed to be connected to the cell network at all times in order to provide the primary service is was designed for, talking to other. However the software on your phone is still smart enough to know that there are times when a connection is not available and it has to deal with this problems as well as is possible. This may mean delaying send a text message or download voice mail from the server until the connection is restored.

    The XBOX does not have nearly as critical a need for access as the cell phone so it should definately be designed to work to the extend possible with Internet access. While lake of Internet access prevents certain types of functionallity it does not prevent the XBOX from server a purpose. It can take to other local computers to play media or talk to nothing at all and play a 1 player game. If Microsoft cannot understand the need to function without a constant Internet connection then it is time they got out the console business.

    They already showed their lack of foresite by shipping the smallest hard drives they could possibly come up with until fairly recently. Now they want to use the download software model and many of the console contains drives that cannot hold more than a few games. And upgrading costs nearly as much as buying a new console. If Microsoft would have thought ahead they could have spaired the expense of making their hard drives propriatery and used drives of a reason size. They could then sell the software to people like me who refuse to spend hundreds of more dollars on another XBOX just to be able to play multiple games.

    I would love to use my XBOX to play NetFlix as it does HD which the original WII does not. The XBOX is also good for playing content from my server. If the new XBOX plays Blue-Ray it could be my all around media device. However since I do not have time to play online multiplayer games I find it rediculous to pay Microsoft and NetFlix a monthly fee to play NetFlix.

    Microsoft seems to have gone down the path of thing there products are only used to people with minimal knowledge of computers that have time to play games all day and have parents that are willing to spend money over and over again to keep them happy. The XBOX is a serious piece of hardware that could be much better without spending millions to make it a little faster or making the interface different again.

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