Earlier this week HTC announced that it hired actor Robert Downey Jr. to star in a new advertising campaign designed toto help raise the company’s profile and define its brand as HTC tries to carve out a stronger position for itself between market leaders Apple and Samsung. This morning the company released an extended version of the first ad, above.

The ad features a series of mind-bending interpretations of HTC as an acronym, from “Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran,” “Hipster Troll Carwash,” and “Hot Tempered Cheerleaders.”

“Now that’s odd,” says one of the characters after a demonstration of the “Hot Tea Catapult.”

No kidding. But it is also attention-getting.

An abbreviated version of this ad is set to start airing on TV tomorrow. Does this new ad change your impression of HTC? For the better or worse?


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  • voleheart

    that is an excellent idear there.

  • http://www.peerlendingadvisors.com/ Peer Lending Advisor

    Horrible. Total Crap.

  • Leif Espelund

    More interesting than 99% of advertising out there. Probably a bit too high concept for the average Jane or Joe though.

  • nparekh00

    Great for Robert Downey (perhaps Iron Man). Bad for HTC. I certainly don’t haev any positive brand association with HTC after those ads.

  • Jon Poland

    It’s got people talking about it, so it worked. I never thought about what htc stands for until now.

  • Brant Williams

    I LOL’d a few times during that commercial. Liked it. The new HTC phones are slick – Samsung and Moto will have a run for their money in my buying choice here in a few months.

  • TS

    I’ve thought about “HTC” 10 times today after watching that. And I have attached some sort of personality, or identity to the company whereas before I had zero concept of who they were. Feels like a win.

  • http://adamgering.com/ Adam Gering

    Wow, so the HTC board of directors are a bunch of morons? What great brand advertising.

  • http://www.christopherbudd.com Christopher Budd

    It’s kinda funny. At least it’s taking the humor/wit approach rather than the “you too can be as cool as Justin Bieber if you just use this phone” approach.

    It still won’t make me buy the phone. But at least I’m not angry after watching feeling like my intelligence is being insulted.

    So, partial win?

  • gseattle

    Have To Concede, not terrible, just can’t figure (H)ow (T)he (C)hunky guy got to the board room before Tony.

  • tech gadgets

    Hi HTC recruited with actor Robert Downey Jr. This is good decision for HTC mobile devices.

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