Mmm, tasty: New Microsoft ad for the $99 Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet is … arousing?

dellmsftcommercialIt’s been a while since we’ve seen a ridiculous Microsoft commercial.

But now the creative folks in Redmond have done it again with their latest video spot promoting the company’s 12 days of deals at its physical retail stores.

Sensual music plays during the 30-second ad, which features holiday garlands wrapped around large amounts of colorful JELL-O. A Dell Venue 8 Pro, which Microsoft is selling for $199 on Monday (first 20 in stock go for $99) appears amongst the decorations with a man talking about the deal in a deep, slightly-creepy voice.

“Mmm, tasty,” the man says at the end, referring to the deal (I think).

There’s an additional FAQ video, which addresses how much JELL-O was used for the commercial:

“We will not comment on the occurrence of any jello feasts,” Microsoft says. “All we can tell you is that it was over 35 gallons of JELL-O.”

Microsoft’s 12 days of deals starts Monday. The $99 deal for the Dell Venue 8 Pro is also available on the company’s online store, but only for the first 100 units sold. Prices go up to $199 until stock lasts.

Hat tip to Tom Warren 

  • Disappointed

    Couldn’t get into the site and then poof…they were $199.