applemsftvideoNokia isn’t the only company using the announcement of two new iPhones as ammo for lambasting Apple.

Microsoft is getting in on the fun, too, with seven — yes, seven — new videos posted today on the Windows Phone YouTube page. All videos feature two fake Apple employees ridiculing aspects of the new iPhones during an internal meeting with a man who looks be either Tim Cook or the late Steve Jobs (you can only see the back of the man’s head).

However, just as I was about to publish this post, it looks like Microsoft took all the videos off the YouTube page just before 1 p.m. PST.

Perhaps they saw The Next Web call the videos “cringe-worthy,” or Business Insider refer to them as “embarrassing and pathetic.” Someone managed to download one of the videos before Microsoft took them down, which you can watch below.

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  • guest

    Would somebody in the MSFT mktg org please get your shit together. Seriously.

  • Thomas R.

    You earn credit for going out on your own, but you lose credit when you disparage the path others take or the attention others receive. -Semil Shah

    Maybe instead of wasting time and money making commercials about the competition, Microsoft should focus on innovating in mobile. Very disappointed every time I read about Microsoft doing something like this.

    What does the leader say about the competition? Nothing. What does the competition say about the leader? Everything, because they’re not the leader.

    Here’s an idea. Take the marketing budget, halve it, use it to acquihire some good mobile startups and leapfrog the competition instead of simply trying to play catch up. The company desperately needs people who can get shit done not paper pushers.

    • Guest

      Apple ran attack ads against MS for years. They worked. Nobody hated Apple for doing it, nor did they lose credibility. The problem here is that while the concept was okay, the execution sucked. They’re just not very funny. The other big problem is one of the back of the head ppl looks too much like an emaciated Jobs, and that’s just wrong on too many levels to list. SO yes, ultimately a total waste of money. However your argument that marketing is coming at the expense of innovating is silly. They’re two entirely different teams. And WP marketing has actually put out some decent ads, though they need to do more and consistently. However I do agree that the WP team, despite creating a fairly decent and innovative OS initially, has really gone to sleep since. Their pace of development is just ridiculous, and is clearly incompatible with winning against Google or Apple. Even Nokia complained about their lack of agility, which is concerning with MS likely taking over Nokia’s phone business and Myerson now in charge of all of Windows.

      Your last point about acquihiring solutions and leapfrogging is worth considering. The current WP strategy isn’t working. It’s taking too long to add new functionality and what does arrive is usually a me too, not a breakthrough.

      • WhatAds?

        Can you name some of the Apple attack ads? I don’t recall any and if Apple did have any ads, they only showed off their product and its feature. If i’m wrong, please correct me.

  • Customerexplabs

    Embarrassing and pathetic is accurate. Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on improving your own user experience, Microsoft?

    • Guest

      marketing team != product team.

  • Ron Spins

    M$FT must have noticed the I.R.S videos and decided to copy
    (rip off) the idea , When Apple introduced the iPhone M$FT
    came out and derided it , How about taking that energy that
    you waste M$FT and do something positive FIX WIN 8

  • Kyla Fairchild

    Luke Burbank is hilarious. Would love to see the rest of the videos.

  • theodp

    So, was that Tim Cook (aka ‘T’ in the video) dining with Obama in 2011? :-)

    • Guest

      What part of the direct reference to “T” and this not being 2011 did you miss?

      • theodp

        For comparison, here’s the back of Tim Cook’s head (Senate testimony). Helps to explain why people saw more Jobs than Cook in the video despite the “T” reference, no? :-)

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