We’re starting to get more details about the sale of msnbc.com to NBCUniversal, a deal which took place last summer and resulted in the online news operation changing its name to NBCNews.com.

A new SEC filing from Comcast, the parent company of NBCUniversal, indicates that the 50 percent stake owned by Microsoft was valued at $195 million. That’s far less than what The New York Times estimated at the time of the sale, noting in its report that Microsoft could get up to $300 million for the news operation.

NBCNews.com continues to be based in Redmond on the Microsoft campus, but we’ve heard that a number of staffers have been asked to relocate to New York while the company continues to look for office space in Seattle to accommodate its staff here. Several top msnbc.com execs, including editor-in-chief Jennifer Sizemore and president Charlie Tillinghast, have since left the company.

Microsoft had operated the msnbc.com business with NBC News for 16 years.

Here’s more from the SEC filing:

The total purchase price was $195 million, which was net of $100 million of cash and cash equivalents held at MSNBC.com that were acquired in the transaction, which were not previously attributable to NBCUniversal. Following the close of the transaction, MSNBC.com is a wholly owned consolidated subsidiary of NBCUniversal.

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  • guest

    Another brilliant MS investment. Hundreds of millions, if not billions, “invested” over SIXTEEN years. End result: an asset worth only $195M less closing costs.
    Fire Ballmer. Fire the board. End the clown show. Start over.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001080966933 Walden Gajo

      so throughout the 16 years operations msnbc was losing money every year?

  • guest

    If that’s all the got, then they lost money. They invested way more than that over the lifetime of the JV. I was there when they started it way back in the 90’s and they spent tens of millions in the startup and buildout alone.

  • Guest

    Congrats to Microsoft on the exit! In addition to the payoff, they’ve earned untold billions from running America’s most trustworthy news site. Bravo.

    • Mark

      You’re right about one thing, at least. Any return they made was “untold”. Unseen too.

  • former MS

    I was on the MSNBC launch team, If I recall MS invested 500M in the JV. Perhaps they already got some of that back when GE took over the cable half of the buisness a few years back.

  • http://superkinz.com Andrew Kinzer

    Well, at least they got out now…

  • guest

    The fact that the website ratings were in a tailspin had to have been a factor. If they had been able to keep the #1 spot (instead of #4) that price would certainly have been higher, or maybe a sale wouldn’t have been on the table at all.

  • guest

    Wow. Peanuts.

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