The iPhone is still as attractive as ever — in large part because of adopted Android users — according to a new study released today by Kantar

During the 12-week period ending Dec. 23, 2012, iOS maintained its lead atop the U.S. smartphone rankings with 51.2 percent of market sales. That’s an increase of more than six percent from the same period in 2011.

Kantar analyst Mary-Ann Parlato credited Apple’s success to smartphone users jumping from competitors and buying the iPhone this year. She said 36 percent of iOS sales were derived from other smartphone users and 19 percent of those sales came from Android users. That’s compared to nine percent in 2011.

“Apple’s continual improvement is thanks to both the iPhone 5 and older models attracting various customer groups, from repeat Apple buyers, first time smartphone buyers and those coming from other smartphone brands,” she said in a press release.

Windows saw a slight increase from 2.2 percent in 2011 to 2.6 percent last year.

AT&T, meanwhile, also kept up its lead in the carrier competition with 33.3 percent of smartphones sold during the 12-week period, though Verizon was close behind at 32 percent.

With both AT&T and Verizon, the number of people using iOS increased while Android users decreased. 55 percent of AT&T’s iOS sales came from users upgrading to a newer iPhone.

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  • Allen Markow

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  • Christopher Budd

    What I find most interesting is this:

    She said 36 percent of iOS sales were derived from other smartphone users and 19 percent of those sales came from Android users. That’s compared to nine percent in 2011. [end]

    If I read correctly that means the number of converts from Android to iOS has more than doubled. Not earth shattering but still significant.

    Personally, I understand from my own experience. I have a Droid X2 and am seriously looking at iPhone next because I’m unhappy with the crapware on it (like Slacker Radio which is not only pre-installed and uninstallable but also RUNS all the time) and the lack of support (running the same OS as the day I bought it nearly two years ago…basically it was out of date when I bought it). So Verizon and Motorola have soured me on Android (though I would consider “pure” Android in the form of Nexus). I suspect I’m not the only one.

    • observer1959

      That statement is significant and it has been said that if iPhone were offered on every carrier Android is from day one that the picture would be a whole lot different today. I can tell you that the current iOS can be installed on even an iPhone 4 which is 2 generations earlier.

      • Jocca

        The iPhone 3GS is also upgradable to the latest iOS.

        • Christopher Budd

          Thank you those are great points (and selling points). I hadn’t thought about it but you’re right: I never considered an iPhone before because I didn’t want to deal with ATT (still don’t).

          In fact, it’s because iPhone is available on Sprint (and TMobile?) that I’m considering it: I’m as unhappy with Verizon over this as with Motorola.

          On a side note, the kicker is that the “get right” that Motorola and Verizon offer is a $100 gift card if I buy…..another Motorola phone from Verizon.

          What’s that about screw me twice?


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