Mitchell Gold
Mitchell Gold

Former Dendreon CEO Mitch Gold has partnered with biotechnology stock researcher David Miller to create a new Seattle-based investment firm called Alpine BioVentures.

The fund, which was started earlier this year, plans to invest in both public and private companies which are developing “significant innovations in healthcare technology which meaningfully improve the lives of patients.”

Gold left the CEO post at Dendreon in February 2012, resigning after nine years on the job. That followed a series of layoffs and disappointments around the company’s prostate cancer drug, Provenge. Seattle-based Dendreon now has a market value of $457 million, trading at $2.89. In 2010, the stock topped $50 per share.

Alpine notes on its Web site.

We believe healthcare companies offer extraordinary risk/reward characteristics. Our intensive original research capabilities have proven adept at uncovering unseen and undervalued opportunities in the healthcare space. Our philosophy combines a fundamental scientific review to assess the unmet medical need, a belief in the management team, and patience to endure the unique rhythms of the biotechnology sector.

Luke Timmerman at Xconomy has more details on the fund, noting that it is being formed during an uptick in the healthcare industry with more than 31 IPOs so far this year in the sector. “You’re seeing a lot of interesting developments in cancer and rare diseases, and I want to be a part of it,” Gold told Xconomy. The size of the fund is not being disclosed, and a search of public records related to the fund turned up no results.

Gold is joined at the firm by David Miller, the former CEO and publisher of Biotech Stock Research.

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  • Steve

    Mitch Gold has earned a front seat in Hell. At the 2010 Dendreon Annual Shareholders Meeting he showed a slide show of his deceased mother who died of cancer while at the same time repeatedly outright lying about the company’s performance. It takes a real psychopath to do something like that. Mitch Gold and David Miller two incompetent egomaniacs that deserve each other. It will be fun watching their new business venture failing.

  • Rationalthinker

    Have a family member that atended u of W – Madison the same time as Mitch. says he was selling condom machines to local bars. Seems like a profession more suitable for his capabilities. Also says he never did anything that did not put money in his pocket. He illustrates the kind of scumbags that are alowed to medical school based only on test scores and explaines much of the decline in the profession. Only takes a few bad apples

    Also, his high iQ proved less than worthless in running a business. A common mistake in todays society. Because someone is academically bright, people assume they can get into any subject matter and excell.

    It should be clear to even the most ardent milton friedman supporters that securities laws are purposely structred to allow an idiot to run a business into the ground and be rewarded handsomely the whole way. but of course any u of chicago gradutate will tell you regulation kills business

  • brad

    Is Alpine BioVentures investing in Dendreon? That’s the least this “Gold” digger could do considering all the ill-gotten wealth he obtained by duping Dendreon investors for years.

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