Hey kids, no binge-watching: New Netflix animated series will be released in installments

NETFLIX, INC. TURBO FASTWhile “binge watching” – sitting down and viewing a whole season in one go – has been one of the hallmarks of Netflix’s original programming, it seems like the company has decided that’s not suitable for its younger viewers.

The company announced today that Turbo Fast, its animated children’s show produced in conjunction with Dreamworks, will be released in installments. Families will be able to watch the first five episodes of the series starting on December 24, with additional episodes released “throughout the year.”

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Amazon is trying a similar tack with “Alpha House” and “Betas,” its two original comedies. The company released the first three episodes of each when they launched, and has been releasing a new episode for each series every week thereafter.

One of the advantages of a more gradual release is that it doesn’t require that the entire series get completed before it’s possible for consumers to watch it. With Amazon also developing children’s programming, Netflix may be feeling rushed to get its own offerings out on the market first.